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more lawncare 101- line trimming

trying 2b organic

LawnSite Senior Member
Im sure there is no way to get around this but just in case. If you have grass growing right against a white building how do you trim without getting green on the white. esp when the grass is moist. White can be stucco or fence or vinyl siding.

Also a board and batton style fence can trim the grass growing against the board on this side then a gap where u cant get the grass where the board is on the other side.

ty :eek:


LawnSite Silver Member
theirs no real way to save it except to trim far out so that the string hits the grass and their is minimal contact with the building.

theirs gonne be spots but not as many as running it full blast against the building.

Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
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Beaverton, OR
There should never be turf all the way up to the side of any building. Not only does it make it impossible to edge correctly, it also almost guarantees that the mower handles are going to hit the siding as you go by as well.

Whenever I run into a client who has this situation - which is very rare - I make them change the situation. They can either create a 1' edge themselves or hire me to do it. But I am not going to put myself in a position where I am doing damage to someone's property because of their negligence.