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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Nov 1, 2001.

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    wow man i am losing money every day, this lady is wierd and a real penny pincher she has gotten away with snow removal for 15 when its about 1 ft high. it took about 2 hours to do all leaves and mow. the mowing takes about 15-30 with a 21 toro and 36 toro, edging trimming is 10 and blowing and clean up in front of house of all debri is about 15. i am really under charging. to dump the leaves it took us about 10 min to get the trailer into the driveway after grounding out several times, (the trailer is 6.5 by 12) we made the entire pile 1 load and that took about 30 min, 25 min drive and then 10 min dump and 25 min drive back. all in all a long job and the yard is covered again. when i looked at the yard she was like o well the guy last year used to do them little by little and never charged me to take the leaves away. he cut weekly until she said she didnt have the $40 a week to pay him to cut it so he changed to bi weekly and then stopped coming. i said that it was neccessary and would be $75 to remove them and she was like 75 dollars ur crazy then she agreed and i told her i would blow them out when all the leaves are down for no charge. she also said that next year she shouldnt have to pay like this. i will cut every 3 damm days if i do her next year. being in my real first year i needed any clients to be able to pay for my equip but these clients hurt more then help.
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    "wow man i am losing money every day, this lady is wierd and a real penny pincher "

    No one's fault but your own.

    Now go see Charles about some testosterone supplements since it appears your pair are hanging in a silk bag in this lady's parlor. :alien:
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    You got $90.00 for the job right?

    You say "WE" so I am assuming it was 2 men (hope it was not 3)

    2hours to do the job ...1 hour drive time ... total 3hrs x 2 = 6hrs

    (I would also bet that this turned into a half day job in reality.)

    $90.00 divided by 6 hrs= $15 per hour

    Your comment about these clients hurting more than helping is correct

    Just noticed that you said you would again blow them out for free when they are done falling? At those rates you are better off working for someone else... you'd make more.
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    A few comments. First you give a range of 15-30 minutes to mow. That's a pretty big range.
    Next, if you average the mowing to 22 minutes + 10 (trim/edge) + 15 (blowing/clean up?) + 3 (unload/reload equip) = 50 minutes, not to mention travel time and billing time.
    Let's say there's only 10 minutes of travel time. That works out to $15 for an hour (again, not to mention billing/paperwork time).
    You REALLY need to re-evaluate your pricing. Once you figure in equipment costs and fuel, you're working for free!
    Then you mention that the previous guy was getting $40 to cut! I could see MAYBE going to $30-35.
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    i am going to really go high on my prices next year. the time for mowing is so different when i have a helper or not and if all the machines go well. sometimes i can use a 48 sometimes only a 21 depending on cars parked in the way or not. i am almost working for free, no travel time tho she lives next door. this is my first year and i didnt know what accurate prices were for other lcos in my area till now. i will be able to get bigger and better customers next year and charge more. i worked with a guy this summer whos been landscaping for 30 yrs and he charges each yard about $35-45 a cut and his lawns look like s**t. most of his lawns are all weed and crab grass and he discharges only and leaves s**t in front of the house, doesnt edge, it amazes me how he can stay in business. i will definately b able to grow big in my area and now i know how to make my money thanks guys.

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