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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. nobagger

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    I know Envy runs Lesco's with little to no problems ever but is there any one else that have had the same luck? I said in several other posts we ordered a Exmark Lazer HP (which we did) but I didnt have to take it if I didnt want it. I've been contemplating if I want to spend over 8k on a mower. I would be the only one using it so it wouldnt get abused so would a Lesco be a better choice? And I really don't want to buy a used one because ya never know what your gonna get. We have a Lesco dealer in our city with a repair shop and we're talking $6900.00 vs. $8250.00 thats over a 1300.00 savings.
  2. greengiant9963

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    I have demoed a Lesco Z2 and I have a exmark lazerhp. They will both give you a good quality cut. The only thing that I like about the hp is that it sits low to the ground and you can get it into tight areas where I can't with my full size Z's. If you are doing alot of medium to larger lawns I would go with the lesco. If you are mowing alot of tightly landscaped lawns the exmark might pay off. Just my opinion.
  3. Willofalltrades

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    8K is hard to front for a solo operator. Is there any way you could wait and look at the new Tanks from Cub? I mean they look on paper like they will perform. Plus Cub usually isn't far on price from Lesco, and you know why. Plus cubs have their own dealer so if it needs servicing. Thats been my recient thinking twards that subject.
  4. Dstosh

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    I havent had any problems with mine. It has somewhere arrround 400 hours on it. When I took it to lesco to have the peco system put on, The service guy told me that the deck bushings were shot. That is something that I have no problems replacing and I would imagine could really happen to any mower.
  5. crzymow

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    I've dealt with the dealer you are talking about in Erie, they are really helpful if you do have a problem, at least they have been with me. I have 2 36" lesco walk behinds and a 48" as well, couldnt really say much about the Z though.
  6. HenryB

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    Two things to consider: Is your Lesco repair shop a good one that turns repairs out in a short time and also consider resaleability. Exmark's are very easy to sell when that time comes and may fetch more than a $1200 difference. But I think they are both good mowers. I do like the Exmark a lot more to be honest.
  7. Maitland Man

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    I run exclusively Lescos...have one with 100 hours on....have one with 3800 hours on it...and a few in between.

    If your crew is using them....grease them DAILY!! If you are using them...every 20-25 hours will do fine. Why the difference? 'Cause your crew will not do it every 25 hours...and if they do, they'll miss plenty of zerk fittings.....and the lesco bushings are a bit thinner than the competitors...scag, exmark, etc.....which makes them wear out faster if the grease wears thin.

    My dimes worth. I won't buy a different brand mower..after buying exmarks, scags, gravelys, and a walker. All yea, a kees....and a yazoo before than teaned with kees. Shoot, I still remember the old buntons and jacobsons we used.:dizzy:

  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Oh.... to be back in your position.... knowing what I know now....

    Just go get the Lesco. You won't be sorry.

    I'm still more than thrilled with mine.... all when ordinarily I would be having to pick a replacement for next season. Money saved in my pocket when I bought, much more money saved for '07 because I am not having to plan a replacement.

    Oh, if I could only go back.... and have made this decision 2 or 3 years before I did... the money, heartache, headache and everything else I would have saved... plus all the production I would have gained.

    I take nothing away from eXmark. They build a slick fleet machine. The HP is a refined well mannered machine. Slick, smooth, vibe free, and good in it's element of cutting high quality dry turf. But in the all around performance arena, it's just totally out-classed by the Ztwo's abilities... and that's just all there is too it.

    The Ztwo just does not have the performance quirks and routine service headaches the eXmark does. It's sure did a fine job of bailing me out, that's for sure. Those grasses and weeds the eXmarks struggle to cut... the deck clogging and clumps.... the BS continous double cutting.... and the issue of being a bruised up, skinned up grease monkey after regular maintenance........ ALL NON-ISSUES with the Ztwo.

    It cuts anything within reason, and some things beyond, and cuts it clean in one pass, without clumps or the need to double cut for chopping clippings or stringers. The production gains are significant. AND it will get down to business in any weather conditions without clogging or clumping.

    Speaking of conditions... I mean just take a STRONG LOOK at my avatar. Seriously, just take all that in. After you see what I mean there, take a second look and notice the absence of red on my trailer. Any honest owner of an eXmark knows why that is.

    Plus, routine maintenance is a breeze. Clean, simple, easy to access, and almost every moving part has a zerk.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Edit........ wrong thread
  10. nobagger

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    I went in there while they were moving (across the driveway) to a garage with double the space, I guess. Any way Mow, when I tried talking to the guy he seemed like he was searching for answers on more than a few questions, I kinda was standing there like, ok are ya gonna answer that or not. I might have caught him at a bad time though. He only had a 60" and it was a demo but the price was still the same as a brand new one:confused: I asked him about the 54" and he said they were all the same except the deck size (obviously). They have a night time mechanic there 5 nights a weeks and he said they were pretty well stocked on parts, and if they had to get a part its there the next day. I dont know, I still need more convincing, he asked me if I wanted to take it for a "test drive", I said and mow what? maybe in spring.

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