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LawnSite Member
I have a new property that is an acre. The yard was in extremly bad shape with little to no grass in certain areas. Much of it is do to shade but the yard has never had proper leaf removal which did not help. 3 weeks ago i areated and overseeded. The water has been thrown to it and i have seen good results in some areas but it is still very thin in places. My questions is would you go back know and try to rough up those areas and reseed or would you what till spring(which i know is not the best time) My concern is if i do it now the leaves will smotherithe newest grass. And there will be alot of leaves.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I would go ahead and seed the spots this fall then if they need more next may hit them again!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Give it more time.All the seed is not going to germinate at the same time.It's getting late in the season to expect much out of fescue seeding anyway.