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Robert Burnham

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I need more info on athletic field repairs. How do I know if topdressing is needed? It was mentioned that topdressing with sand might be needed, how is this best done? I am just starting out in this area and can use any advice on procedures and equipment needed for this work. thanks


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Do you have a sports turf assoc. in your area? You can gain valuable information from them. What kinda field you working on? football or soccer? feel free to write me back be glad to share and help if ican. I work with football and soccer fields.



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I looked at your last thread to see what info you've already been given. First things first, test your soil. This should tell you many things. Soil Ph, nutrient levels, nutrient holding potential, ect. What type of soil do you have? Purdue University has good info on field renovation. Also thru Michigan State there is a site called the Ultimate Turfgrass Links Page. Its a links menu to turf sites all over. I'm in the same boat as you only I'm not the guy that gets to do the work. I have to consult the school employees on how to fix the field. The parents want Tiger Stadium/Comerica Park and the school systems' priorities put it on the waaaay back burner. The system has 2 fields at 2 high schools, one native soil(mostly clay) and the other sand based. 2 totally different ways to deal with. Check the web for colleges that have big time turf programs. Many have bulletins that can be printed or ordered.

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