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Well, To answer some questions.

I called around to see what all the Kubota dealers in the Dallas area were selling ZD 21's for. Found the cheapest price to be $9,500. So I called my closeset dealer back and asked him if he would go to that price and He did. Thats really the best way to handle this.

I liked the warranty on it. If its for residential, then its 24 months parts and labor. If it's for commercial, then it's 12 months parts and labor.

Hey Saxman. Glad you have had yours for a year. If I need any advice, it's nicee to know I got somebody else to ask about.

We just got about 2-3 inches of rain last night. Look like it wont be long before I will be back at it again.

Dan.:cool: :cool: :cool: :blob1: :blob3: :blob4:


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Mt. Vernon, IL.
Anytime, I just went to my dealer and got an engine oil filter, trans filter and the super UDT. I am going to change it all when I get to 50 hrs. I changed the engine oil and filter the first time at 25 hrs. I use 15W-40 rotella.

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