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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Whitaker24, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Whitaker24

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    What do you think this would look like? As some mentioned going 3ft off the foundation brick, and put in plants in that area. I think I should get all the grass out all of it. Bring in some top soil, plant the plants with edgers around the plants, and put red lava stone on the top of the soil. Then lay the 10ftx10ft patio stones against that.

    For patio: get the grass out, bring in ome top soil and paver sand put than down 1inch thick, and then lay the stones, and use that to fill in the cracks once the job is completed. I can use 2x4's for the box right to lay the stone in? Can I get 2x4's in 10ft lengths?

    It would be cheaper just to plant the plants and finish with mulch, and then lay the stone, but if i do that would the patio have to be higher than the plant area?
  2. Danscapes

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    pics would help
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    Just my advice:
    For Patio: get grass out, remove about 7" of soil (depends on where the finished paver level needs to be), tamp soil, lay geotextile fabric, add 6" of base material tamping every 2" lift, screed 1" of sand, lay pavers, install snap edge, tamp pavers, fill joints w/ sand (optional - tamp again to set sand in joints).

    If you just lay the pavers on topsoil & sand, you'll be called back to fix settlement issues for a long time. :cry:
  4. mike174

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    P.S.- forgot to mention to pitch the patio away from the house 1/4" per foot, and address any gutters that may drain onto the patio (sink & daylight the pipe out the backyard if the property allows it or dry well the pipe...make sure the gutters are covered if you dry well, and your drywell is big enough to handle the runoff per square foot of roof.)
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    Got some prices to do a deck addition. 39x8ft deck with 6x6 post will be $3200. We are reusing existing steps, and moving vinyl rails back where the new addition will end. I think thats a good price. One guy priced a 39x5 for $2900.
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    I'm hoping your a home owner, and not a "professional" trying to install this for a customer. First off we do not lay patios on topsoil or any organic material for that matter, and we definitely do not use wood to hold it in place. With organic material below a patio you are opening the door for settling, and with wood it will warp and decay and eventually not hold anything in place.
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    Before you can lay any kind of stone you need to lay down 3 inches of sand of Tb id go with tb compact it wet it and go with another inch or so of the tb. then wte and compact it again. you will also need to make sure you are level there nothin worse then laying an uneven patio that can sink.

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