More pics from sunny/dry NC

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by BrandonV, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. BrandonV

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    still working on this development entrance, not water meter yet so we're guesstimating on the zonage and also having to water all the trees w/ our hydroseeder... of course today they asked if I could install the backflow so I said sure, at least it'll get done this month so I can get some water and sod. also throwing a few pics of 3 of my 7 ponds... they all look like this if not worse, actually these are the 3 best at the moment.. also thought I show a few of my toys and what nice dirt this place has, its a real shame all the good farmland is going to developments or just houses, wish we'd build houses on crappy soil





  2. BrandonV

    BrandonV LawnSite Platinum Member
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    notice my guys are wearing jackets, some 3 layers... it was a frigid 68˚ today...





  3. BrandonV

    BrandonV LawnSite Platinum Member
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    this is our reserve pond... notice where the tractor/pump is

  4. lawncare18

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    wow your about out of water hope you get some soon.. whats your plan for when those go dry???
  5. Mike Leary

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    Nice pics Brandon..nice web site too..have you found your irri lead?
  6. BrandonV

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    no lead yet, its really funny here in NC you hear people complain about not having work yet last month I hired 4 wbs (white boys) and 1 is still here. when these ponds go dry I'll have to start looking at turning this place into a trailer park i guess. nursery sales are at a standstill now on the east coast, talked to a big time sod installer this week out of charlotte and he's down to 4 men. so as you can guess sales aren't booming, and unfortuantly I don't know if I could scrape up the $$$ for an ag grade well, right now we're running hoses from small wells, trying to make a dent. out #1 pond is spring fed, so I think we'll be alright for another month, just makes you real nervous with all that money in container stock. of course if I grew tobacco or corn the government would come in a write me a big check but that won't likely happen. thank God my landscape crew is booked thru spring or I would be in trouble.
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    Happened to a golf course near me.. his ponds got so low this summer his intakes wouldnt suck .. he had to pump water from a swamp on the far far end and run pipe to the pond to get it so the intake would suck.. scary scary tought.. I hope things will work out for you.
  8. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Thats something you do not see happening around here...Houses going up...The Construction boom is @ a lull here....

    Check this out..My buddies friend is a plumber...Now a plumber is a LOCK for work on cape year round....3 weeks ago he got the dole..Plumbers getting laid off makes me nervous...The housing market up here is Slowly hitting a stand still.Even the dominant immigrant population(Brazil) are packing up and moving out....

    Great pics Brandon, Thats a huge trench you got there..
    Digging looks good...Those guys in the sweat shirts crack me up...Up here we love those days.
  9. DanaMac

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    Better start blowing out the systems then! :laugh:

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    Great pics Brandon. We were on the cusp of serious drought restrictions with lakes at record lows and then the skies opened up and flooded every lake here. Hope the same happens for you really soon.

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