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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Apr 23, 2008.

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    We're going through the site where a Watertronics booster pump station was installed after the irrigation was switched from well/pump to domestic supply. Completed a section of the field and then activated it over the weekend for three straight nights so water could get to a very thirsty area.

    Ran into this lateral line break. It was caused by the original contractor having everything in a bind and then not sufficiently cutting out the valve box end for the 2-1/2" lateral line. Vehicles pass over this box which then settled onto the pipe and applied enough pressure to break the SCH 80 nipple. Did our normal 90/90 reroute to relieve the pressure and all is fine now. No part of the new box will come into contact with any of the piping. If I have future problems with box breakage in this area then I'll switch the valve boxes out to Christy concrete boxes with cast iron lids.

    Goshen Valve Repair 4-22-08 IV-01.jpg

    Goshen Valve Repair 4-22-08 IV-02.jpg

    Goshen Valve Repair 4-22-08 IV-03.jpg

    Goshen Valve Repair 4-22-08 IV-04.jpg

    Goshen Valve Repair 4-22-08 IV-05.jpg
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    Man that looks like easy diggin. Everywhere I've been lately has been clay/rock combo.
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    It's alkali soil that is VERY hard when dried out... but considering it ran like this for an hour straight over three successive nights there was a two-wheelbarrow sized hole under the whole thing. I really didn't have to dig it out... rather just cave in part of the sides and I had a sufficient hole to step down into and make the repairs. Then I called in the troops who brought dirt out in a dump truck to fill the hole and level out the surrounding area. :)

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