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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pcnservices, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. pcnservices

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    I had a serious loss of power on my Echo srm260 . Had the carb cleaned out, new filter and plug - still no luck. I eventually bought a new one.
    I then reffered back to LS and after reading a lot of posts on power on trimmers I came to realize my trimmer is carboned up.
    I took the little muffler off and the exhaust port was almost completely blocked. I cleaned out all the carbon, blew out the port, cleaned out the muffler, put it together again WITHOUT the spark arrestor, and wala! Does that thing haul a$$!
    I'm going to give my new trimmer the same overhaul/modification pretty soon. It's anyway shelved for now.
    Thanks LS!
  2. The C Man

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    Who did the above service, you or your dealer? If it was you then congrats on sticking with it and finding the source of the problem. If it was the dealer, sounds like their mechanics don't know much.
  3. pcnservices

    pcnservices LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea, I had a small engine mechanic at a dealership perform the above service. He only charged me for the new sparkplug since he was unsucsessfull in fixing it.
  4. fixer67

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    He was not much of a mechanic if you ask me. At our shop we always take the muffler off and check for carbon build up or stuck rings on any 2 cycles that come in that have a power problem.
  5. 65hoss

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    That should have been the first thing he looked for. Using regular 2 stroke oil will cause them to need to be cleaned usually once a year.

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