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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 17, 2014.

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    As mentioned on the first page, quality has gone down the drain. Irrigation components are not made to stand the test of time. Since they are mass produced and easily replaced, we need to accept that failure will be part of today's systems. Sad but true.
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    Please let me know who you are so I can have a sales person call on you and get to the bottom of the issues you are having. You can send me an email if you like.
    While we get reports of Orings failing from time to time, we do not get enough samples of failed units to understand the issue. Possibly you and others on this site can help us with that.
    Rain Bird is committed to selling the highest quality product. We know we fall short at times and need your help to get back to where we need to be.
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    Forgive the sales pitch, but.....
    The Rain Bird HV valve also has a nice, now patented diaphragm design that hinges close to make it close more softly. It also has screws, but only 4 of them that take half as many turns to get out with the same thread engagement and strength. The competitor you mention has 8 screws. Twice as many screws that take twice as many turns to get out. Time how long it takes to get the bonnet off an HV (roughly 30 sec.) and the competitor (roughly 2 min. 15 sec.) Now think about how much fun it is to have your hands in a valve box. Let's minimize that time as much as possible and go on to other more fun thngs!
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    I guess I don't check in often enough.
    The HV has some great features:
    4 captive, multi-drive screws that twist out in half the time;
    Patented eccentric diaphragm design that hinges close for softer closing and less water hammer and a captured diaphragm spring for no lost parts in the mud or tall grass;
    New solenoid design with a smaller thread that makes it easier to twist out by hand with the need for a handle and optimized design to minimize the copper and make it much less costly;
    Stronger glass-filled polypropylene body (not on SXS) with a thin walled design and ribs added to gain strength back which allow shorter cycle time in the molding machine and significantly lower cost;
    Lower list price - my shopping tells me that HV is $1 - $2 lower at the distributor counter than Hunter or Irritrol;
    It passes ALL the same tests as the DV valve and has a 3 year warranty.
    You should try it.
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    Let me know your issues. We will work them with the intent to win you back to the Rain Bird DV. It has been on the market for 25 years and many have had no issues for decades. I am sorry you have had some. Let's get those resolved.

    If you are interested in low cost, check out our HV valve.
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    A few years ago, we did have some issues with roundness on the solenoid bowl on the DV valve (not DVF). We tried different Orings but found we had to change the bonnet material (a cost adder) to fix the issue. That has resolved the roundness issue.
    If you are having issues with valves made in the last couple of years, please let me know. We will work to address them.
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    The smaller diameter of the solenoid threads was to make the solenoid easier to turn at high pressure. The bottom of the solenoid is exposed to the internal water pressure (of course). Since the force exerted on the solenoid is a function of that pressure times the surface area exposed to it, the smaller the surface area, the less force is pressing on the solenoid. Combine that with the shorter thread length due to the smaller diameter and you get less friction and a solenoid that is easier to turn. The HV (and DV) are rated to operate at 150 psi, so you can imagine that making the surface area about 1/3 the size makes a large difference in the amount of effort it takes to bleed the valve at that pressure.
  8. Ron Wolfarth

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    The comment on the solenoid should read "....without the need for a handle.."
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    I'll respond now before lawnsite removes you for not being a paid sponsor. Or, maybe you are but it doesn't show on your profile. But I appreciate you coming on here to address the issues.

    The O-rings have been failing for years, and RB knows it. My rep knows it. My distributor knows it. That's why at a local RB lunch they had an envelope full of o-rings that they gave us. The o-ring has had different colors over the last 5-8 years or so as well, which in my "assumption" is to code what version they are so they can see what is working and what is not. The o-rings either at initial installation, or about 3 years after install, start leaking. This keeps the valves from closing. I've had customers try tightening up the solenoids themselves and they break the whole bonnet of the valve by tightening too much.
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    I probably supplied the bag of Orings to the sales rep. So, yes, we get complaints from time to time. We addressed leaks with the change to the bonnet material a few years ago that I mentioned. But I do not understand the current issue you are having. The best help we can get is samples of failed product submitted to the distributor or sales person. They will submit them on a Product Reliability Report. This will cause an engineer to look at your product, report his findings and I will then call you back to discuss them. In this case, just submitting the bonnet with the leaking solenoid will be okay. (Usually we ask for the entire valve because many times issues are related to another part of the product that is not obvious to the customer.)

    I would appreciate it if you would do this for us. Thanks in advance.

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