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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 17, 2014.

  1. Ron Wolfarth

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    Now that I am on my computer and not my phone, I see you are from Tacoma, WA. If you send me your name and contact info, I will have the sales rep. in that area contact you.
  2. Dirt Boy

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    I'm not a huge user, but I have been using the HV valves , and I have had several, (last install, 50%) failure rate.
    They come on, and stay on, randomly (same valve) sometimes you can smack it (highly technical "fix") and it will start working. I've worked with them, change solenoid, but it don't seem to help until I change the whole top.
    Don't know that I've ever had that problem with the DV's.
    Just looking at one now. mfg. code 21AP14A
  3. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    I haven't seen a Rain Bird rep here in So Cal since about 2004 or 2005.
  4. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    And again, I have to ask..... a 100-HVF nets out somewhere around $12. A 1" PGA nets out somewhere around $13. So, A) What is the point of even selling the HV, and B) Why would Rain Bird even feel the need to make a valve that competes with the rest of their product line? and C) As an installer, is that $1 to $2 per valve cost savings over installing a better valve a make or break kind of thing on a project?
  5. biodale

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    The dv valves are awful. I stock some for replacement but would never put one in a new install. Use the irritrol 2400's. I have had a few problems with r/b 5004's not turning right out of the box. maybe 2 out of the 500 i have replaced. The one's I had to replace were all Hunters. (Imagine that, exaggerating some). If you are looking for work by hoping for call backs in a year and a half by all means use Hunters. The irritrol 2400 has been good for me and my standard. I use practically all r/b for everything else but am getting tired of r/b price increases.
  6. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    You mean the increases that eventually came well AFTER they lowered their prices while everybody else raised theirs? I'm not complaining. I made plenty of extra margin when they lowered their prices.
  7. Without A Drought

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    i think the 2400 is the best valve for the price. i've installed a lot of them and had almost no problems with them.

    that said, i use PGV's. they work just as fine and i get the hunter points. the only thing i don't like is the solenoid relief port on the diaphragm. its very easy to get that think mis-installed when you are servicing the valve. then it doesn't work electrically, but works if you open the bleeder, or twist the solenoid to the point where the chamber relieves to atmosphere. its thrown my service techs for a loop a few times.
  8. Ron Wolfarth

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    Dirt Boy,
    I am sorry we have caused you these issues with the HV valve.

    We had reports from others of this same issue. I put the product on hold a few days later on May 23 once we came to believe that this was not an isolated incident. We have since discovered the issue, resolved it and are in the process of sending replacement solenoids to those who have had issues.
    Contact your Rain Bird Sales Representative or the distributor from whom you purchased the valves. They will be able to help you once we send them replacement solenoids.

    We released the product to production on June 30 after understanding the problem, making changes to ensure it won't happen again and thoroughly testing the solution.

    I see you are from the Midwest territory. We will ship replacement solenoids to those distributors the week of July 30. (Add a couple days of shipping time.) We will be done sending replacement solenoids worldwide (this is a popular valve outside the US) by mid-August and will be caught up on orders for new product by the end of August.

    We discovered that we had received parts from one of our vendors with one dimension in a hole in a piece of metal that was at the high end of the specification and occasionally beyond the specification limit. (The hole was 0.002 inches too large. Copy paper is 0.004 inches thick.) This combined with a small change in our assembly process caused the failure. The plunger (the metal part that moves up and down inside the solenoid) sometimes becomes stuck in a recess in the bottom of the bobbin (the plastic spool around which the wire is wound to make the coil) that is created by the two causes I mentioned above. When the plunger is stuck in the bottom of the bobbin, the valve will stay on when the electricity is turned off.
  9. Ron Wolfarth

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    If you would like to have a visit from one of our sales representatives, send to me your contact information and I will pass it along.
  10. Ron Wolfarth

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    The best way for customers to make a contribution to the improvement of products is to return them to distributors or sales people. I find that most contractors throw the product away and switch product. I understand that. You make no money helping us with our issues. That leaves us with nothing to examine and only anecdotal evidence to use in our improvement efforts. Please consider sending some units back on what we call a "Product Reliability Report." This causes an engineer to examine each unit sent back, report their findings and causes me to to pass along the findings to our sales people, distributors and (if you give us your contact information) you. Send back the entire unit so we can replicate the failure in the test lab and determine the root cause. (Many times the failure is in a part that was not returned or in the interface between the part returned and the part left behind.)
    I hope you are able to do this. Every manufacturer would like this sort of help.

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