More Rainbird DV issues

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 17, 2014.

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    We like photos. :waving:

    I personally would love to see some blasts from the past, especially those products that would make today's irrigators say "Huh?" ~ One such that occurs to me is the "double popup riser" spray body that got additional popup height from a standard-height body, from the days of hand-trenched system installs, prior to swing joints or funny pipe.
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    Okay. It"s Throwback Thursday.
    Here is the Double Pop or 3800 as it was formally named. It was made for a about a year in the late 1960's; 1968 was an estimate from someone who has been around here a while. I bet one of you knows. If there is major disagreement, I will go into the vault and dig out the catalog.
    Notice the logo. It has the rain drops coming off the wings, but no eye. Too small, I guess. Both those are gone today from the logo.

    These phones sure take good pictures, don't they?



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    More Throwback Thursday.
    Some of you will say, "Huh?" on this one! It was a Consumer Products sprinkler also from the late 1960's. I am looking for the name. That is about all I know.

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    K rain still makes one.
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    What's the story on the EV-100 valves? Some are Rain Bird some are Hydro-Rain. I need pistons for the horseshoe shaped solenoids because the rubber tip deforms over time causing the valve to not fully open. The 811 replacement solenoid does not work well with these valves.
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    Your best bet for parts is to go to Irritrol. Hydro-Rain (not the one that is in business today) was acquired several times and ended up part of what Toro calls Irritrol. Back in the day, Rain Bird private labeled what we called the EV-100 from Hydro-Rain. (Was it Bob Steele who was the face of Hydro-Rain back then?) We stopped buying from Hydro-Rain many years (25?) ago (maybe when we introduced the PGA) and have since stopped carrying the parts. (Our current policy is to carry parts for dropped products for at least four years. If sales of those parts are significant we can choose to carry them longer, but we restrict ourselves from dropping parts for at least four years.)
    I hope that helps point you in the right direction.
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    Thank you very much for the photos of the 3800. While I never installed them, I remember seeing some at a local home center with a Rainbird inventory.

    I still have a small supply of those light-green nozzles, all square-undersized pattern, because they were a perfect fit for systems with long rectangular strips of lawn adjacent to the driveways that were covered by a line of popup sprays down the middle of the 15-to-20 foot wide strips. I'm a bit surprised that no modern equivalent exists, even though such nozzles generally go against the practice of head-to-head spacing.

    The consumer impact head reminds me of the year that the PJ patent expired, and other brass manufacturers had tooled up to get in on it, hardly imagining that another decade would see plastic gear drive rotors taking over.
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    The impact sprinkler in my photo is a Rain Bird product.
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    I heard back from our Landscape Drip staff.
    The XT700 may well be a better choice. Keep in mnd, I don't know which product we are comparing to here. But the XT700 has wall thickness of 0.055 inches compared to others at 0.045 inches. Also, its regrind content is less than 50% compared to as high as 95% in others.
    Both of these factors should make it last longer in the hot, hot heat of Phoenix in the summer. And I am in Tucson, so I know how hot hot is. Currently 106! Ouch.

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