More RH issues.

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    My 52" RH is having more issues. The last two yeas the deck has been bent three times without hitting anything other than grass. The last time it was fixed was in late August, so I really didn't get to test the mower, as we were in a drought. The other day was the first time I really had a chance to use the mower and it is for the most part unusable, it will not clear the grass clippings correctly. The discharge side blade is and was 1/4" higher than the center blade, I was told by my dealer last year this should not effect haw the mower operates, well it does!

    I've also noticed that the deck linkage mount points are starting to wear oval because the deck bounces, the mower was like this from the factory. The other issue is the hydro lines are rubbing against the sides of the engine and are wearing a bit thin. Keep in mind this mower has 98 hours on it. I bought this more because I thought it was built to last a commercial cutter at least a 1,000 hours, so far it's sat more than it's cut, because every time I turn it on something breaks.

    Here is a list of issues I've had with the mower.

    1. The hydro lines busted off the hydro filter when I lifted the deck all the way up, breaking the filter mount.

    2. The relay switch was pinched by the deck linkage, crushing it.

    3. The deck has been bent 3 or 4 times, for no reason!!

    4. the cut quality has been very poor from the start, the dealer has tried to fix this issue, but can't.

    5. The linkage is starting to break.

    6. Fuel in the carb overheating because of the location of the exhaust.

    Both my dealer and Wright have not been all that helpful. At this point If the mower is not fixed or replaced to my liking, I will take legal action. Yes the mower is out of warranty, however these issues started occurring while it was under warranty, and I was assured all and any recurring problems would be taken care of, so far they have not.

    I have been more than patient with this defective mower, my dealer and Wright. This is the list time I'm reaching out to Wrgiht for help. Please help repair my mower so I don't need to have any long term, or short term issues.

    Thank you
    Andre Kaufman.
  2. Andyshine77

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    Well the new deck which is now about two years old is starting to fail again, the deck has about 60 hours on it now. I will reiterate my utter disappointment with this mower. I will suggest to anyone looking to purchase a Wright product to look elsewhere. Wright not only makes inferior products, they're dishonest and make excuses for what amounts to poor design.

    I've also recently started developing Raynaud's syndrome from the mowers vibrations.:help:

    At this point I once again have a $6,000 mower that has something break or fall off of it every time I try and use it. The mower only has a 190 hours on it, what a joke, I should have just thrown my $6,000 in the Ohio river.

    Rant over.
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    does your mower have the updated lift system?
  4. Andyshine77

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    No it does not.
  5. kawakx125

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    theres a reason they updated it...
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    Have you considered selling the mower and getting something else?

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