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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by C&S Services, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. C&S Services

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    The question I have on this is I am planning on using my 6.5 hp 21" Toro w/ bagger to mulch up leaves this fall. I plan to rake them up into rows and mulch them up. I've never done this before so here are my questions.

    1-will there be a lot of chipped up leaf left on the ground?
    2-what blade do you recomend?
    3-if I have 1' wide by 5" high rows will the mower handle this?

    I sort of need to bag the leaves or at last put it into barrels, there is a transfer station here, they charge .075 cents per pound. I wouldn't be able to get the the transfer station till several days after the clean ups. Thanks in advance.
  2. gml9

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    Let me help you! Don't waste your time blowing leafs on the lawn...just mow with a more efficient...less dust...and faster. Blow all beds out first. A sharp blade, sharpened frequently...depending how many lawns your doing....21" is going to make you work emptying that bag more often then the mower is running....good luck.
  3. J-dub

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    You're going to end-up filling the bag on that Toro (or any other mower, for that matter) within a few feet. It'll take forever.

    On my ProLine, I use a side discharge when going over leaves. Shoot them toward the middle of the yard (each pass-over mulches them into smaller pieces). A that point, I run-over the pile to disperse into a wider area. It's at this point that I attach the bag and collect the leaves.

    As to clippings, don't worry about it. You can't bag all of them; the one's that remain will decompose and become nutrients to your lawn.
  4. gml9

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    For your approach with only a 21" mower I'd recommend blowing into huge piles then raking onto a tarp. Pull the tarps onto a trailer or truck. Faster then a 21" bagger approach...but you'll need some sides for a truck or a trailer. Then tweak the lawn with the mower/bagger for a clean look.
  5. C&S Services

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    I was hoping to load up with the tarp idea but that still leaves me with a large truck load that I would rather not hang onto till I get to the dump. Is there any one out there that knows of any thing you could use or comfigure to grind leaves? That way i could toss them into the truck and have a smaller pile.
  6. Green Care

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    Only thing I know of is leaf loader this grind them up.

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