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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Jun 17, 2007.

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    If you are going to pigeon hole yourself into ONLY using a few fixtures from one manufacture and then only a couple of lamps, you will be a lighting installer and not a lighting designer. You will be painting with only a couple of brushes and paint colors instead of the whole array of brushes and rainbow of colors.

    Okay, your are also responding to a challenge I made on another website, which I'll agree had more value as a hypothetical puzzle than a realistic application: One distributor, one manu, one fixture, one bulb, etc.

    But, you can see the business sense with keeping it simple and not too ecclectic. It's also an aesthetic style to tighten up themes with unified textures and techniques.

    It's the amateur fly-fisherman who tries to compensate for inexperience by using exact detailed matches of every possible species, while the old-timers have a few basic general patterns they just present differently.

    I had a teacher who once told us the perfect example of something ecclectic is the contents of a trash can. Now that's extreme, and so is my idea of one lamp (ha), but I am interested in a clearly defined philosophy and standard, and finding a few manu's that echo these values with everything they make. And if I can keep the materials simple and "present" them creatively, installations and service will be more economical.

    And, I'm sure there are many things to value in making a loyal commitment to a limited number of manufacturers. Improved communication both ways, marketing support, bulk discounts, samples of innovative items, and keeping the factory working so the good stuff doesn't go out of business.

    How did this get in the splice thread?
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    Yeah, how did this get into the splice thread? Anyway, I do see your point Mike, I'm just looking at it from a different angle. I'm not disagreeing, just making another point from the other side of the coin.
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    Okay, now, where I can I get those 3M DBR's? I don't see them at any distributor.
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    check your local irrigation supplier

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