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More start up questions


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I am making a little progress. I have ordered 1, 000 business cards. I am still working on a flyer. So it seems I am running out of time.
Would you include a business card with a flyer. I’m thinking of knocking on doors, and the ones that don’t answer, hang a plastic bag door hanger with my flyer in it. Should I include a card with it as the flyer will have my number on it?
I have herd that response is 1-3% from flyers. But how is that based? What time of the season is it? If there is still snow on the ground, will folks think about their lawn mowing needs? Maybe as it warms the percent would be better? What about high school kids handing out thousands? But not really talking to the homeowner. I would like to think that one on one with the owner would get a better percent. Is my line of thinking wrong? Is it 1-3% no matter what?

Also I will be just starting with a small mower. I have searched on Spring clean up, and not should if that is what I am/should be shooting for. I am only doing basic mowing etc… I see on the search that spring clean up is dealing with flowerbeds and so forth. I’m sure I will come across fallen leaves . Is that a spring clean up? Sorry guys for the dumb questions. I have only cut my own grass through the years and didn’t call it anything but cutting grass.

Anyway, thanks guys.



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I start handing out flyers for residential jobs in March. If you only want to mow only advertise for lawn mowing. Spring clean up includes more then mowing. I don't think personal contact will help you get more customers because it takes much more time to talk to people then it does to hand out some flyers(I think personal contact is very important but not unless someone asks you about your flyer when you're handing it out). I hire kids all the time to help me hand mine out, never any problems other then texting...