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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    I'am still truck searching and I really would like to have a 4wheeldrive so I'am thinking about a F-350 4x4 cab and chassis again. I may have to build a 4x4 because F-350 4x4 cab and chassis trucks are fairly rare in the 88-97 year range which is what I'am looking at.

    Heres the thing I still need a truck with a 12x8 deck for general work I'am not hauling heavy loads anymore I have got a part time job with a excavation contractor. I will still do the rubbish removal and construction site clean up but no more gravel hauling its too hard on the truck thats what tandem axle dump trucks are for. I'am after a general work truck something that I can drive back and forth to work and not burn gallons of diesel fuel.

    A regular P/U truck isn't big enough I still need a truck with a 11-12 foot deck so I have the length to haul a bundle of pipe and the deck volume to haul light materials like brush and branches.

    I feel my current F-Superduty (450) is overkill the heaviest thing on the deck in the last 2 months is the 40lb toolbox. The truck has turned into a 15,000lb gvw daily driver that is currently getting 10mpg because of winter diesel fuel and 5:13 gears that gives me a top speed of 62mph :(

    What do you think is owning a 1.5 ton truck worth having if it only see's a heavy load once in awhile ?

    I know I have asked this before but I would like to know if a regular 1 ton dually would suit my needs ?

    Any ideas
  2. GeoffDiamond

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    The 4 year saga continues in search of the truck you will never find. Like I have said before you are looking for a truck that is worth 20K, but you only wanna pay 10K

  3. Gravel Rat

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    Price has nothing todo with the question I'am wondering if a F-450 is worth it ?

    There will be a new law coming out for certain areas that ALL commercial trucks over 12,123lbs gvw will be banished to the left hand lane (slow lane) on the highways. With the accidents happening with commercial vehicals happening they are looking at making more rules and regulations for trucks with 12,000lb and greater gvw.

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    Gravel Rat:

    Why not a 1 ton 4x4 pick up truck and get yourself a 15' long dump trailer that can carry 3 tons? You can enjoy the milage and not worry about tagging the extra room, wieght around and when you need it, hook up and go to werk.
  5. HOMER

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    Why not a Toyota with a 12-14' trailer?

    If your not hauling anything then do a severe prune on the vehicle your driving, downsize and pull a trailer only when you need to.
  6. out4now

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    Come to AZ plenty of trucks in that year range. Things don't rust out here so there are plenty of them. Parts are easy to find too.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    Thanks for the suggestions a trailer won't work for what I do the places I go for my own trucking customers and with the contractors I work for there is just enough room for my current truck to turn around.

    I was working for the excavation contractor today on one of the jobs and I got stuck because 2WD SUCKS :angry:

    I had to have the mini excavator to push me back up this driveway I'am glad there was a machine there or I would be really screwed. I couldn't pull forward I couldn't back up because I got to close to the edge of the driveway which is a drop off.

    I need to get a 4x4 if I'am going to keep working for the excavation contractor because these places they have to work on are all tough. So it looks like I will try find a F-350 4x4 with a 161wb I still need a truck with a flatdeck minimum 11' long.

    Today I knew I was going to have troubles with this road I had to back from the public road and back down this goat trail driveway which is 1/8 of a mile long. There is no room whatsoever to turn the truck around at the house site you would have a tough time turning around a regular cab P/U with a 8' box. Of course I make the sharp corner to back down a steeper section I had to readjust the truck try pull ahead no go the passenger side tire spinning and sinking :realmad:

    Today was the last straw time to get a 4x4 and deal with the extra maintanace. I really don't need a truck with a 15,000lb gvw having the 7000lb payload capacity is nice to have but I really should have 4wheeldrive and a 450 4x4 is very expensive it will never pay for itself. I have seen a few 99 F-450 4x4s but they have very high kms and they want minimum 20 grand. A lower km F-450 4x4 but they are in the 30 grand range I just can't justify that for a daily driver work truck.

    I have ran 1 ton trucks with a 10,000lb gvw for 7 years they worked fine just lacked braking power. I have run F-Superduty (450) trucks for the last 4 years with the current diesel truck the traction problems occured because of the front axle heavy.

    Most of the other landscapers and building contractors have stuck with 1 ton trucks there is only one other garbage disposal guy in this area that has a F-Superduty so its me and him that have F-450s for hire. There are two commercial fishermen that have 2004 F-450 2wds but their trucks never leave the pavement. The local building supply has 2wd F-550 it doesn't go anywhere either their tandem axle Mack climbs driveways the F-550 can not.

    You put a load on my truck it will walk up any driveway but with no load forget it those rear tires spin like crazy.

    I was comparing the Dana 80 in my truck to a 10.25 in a F-350 Ford 4x4 dually a guy I know owns couple days ago. I was shocked how small the 10.25 hub looks compared to the Dana 80 in the F-450. I'am going to take a tape measure tommorow and check the difference. Makes me wonder how well the wheelbearings will stand up. I do know the E-450 cab and chassis run a Dana 80 but it runs standard 16" wheels and has disk brakes. I would really seriously consider doing this swap in the F-350 to get rid of the weak drum brakes the 10.25 has. Also I'am a real beleiver in Dana axles I put dana 70s though some extreme loads never a bearing failure.

    With the F-350 I would also run hydroboost and eliminate the vacuum booster that way I don't have to deal with vacuum pumps. Hydroboost is so much stronger just don't neglect the power steering pump and belt you loose fluid or the belt you loose steering and brakings :laugh:

    To beef up the F-350s suspension I think I will order some timbren rubber cushion springs.

    I have thought about running a locker in the diff of a 2wd F-Superduty but I think it would have made the situation I was in today worse because the azz end of the truck probably would have walked right over the edge of the road. If the truck went over it would have been a write off and I would have some serious injuries. I don't thing you can replace those front tires pulling while the rear tires are pushing

    I know where I can find a 2002 F-550 4x4 6spd with a 11' dump for 41,000 :eek:

    To sum up the rambling even thou I wouldn't use 4wheeldrive all the time but when you need it its worth gold. If the situation today was one of my rubbish removal jobs and there was no machine to push me back out I would have had to call a tow truck probably a 200 plus tow bill.

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    I'll sell you our 02 F-450, it has PSD, 444 cubic inch, 4 speed auto (brand new) 31,000 miles. Aluminum wheels, dump bed with removable sides, 19.5" aluminum Alocoa/Ford rims, air, heat, electric mirrors, brand new rubber....

    Asking price is $36K. I have a Mack Granite comming in a month. Heck, giveme 41K and we will glasdly drive it to Canada, it would be a fun little get away!

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