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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, May 16, 2008.

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    It rained till about noon today and still needed to use my wipers every now and then because of the misty rain. I gave it two hours till the road was dry and started cutting grass with the Turf Tiger and Velocity deck. I'm hearing a few reports that the Velocity doesn't cut well enough but, hey it does good enough to please my customers (and me) Here are some pictures I took today at 3.25" and the deck after mowing. The front tires were wet most of the time but the breeze dried the grass out on top. I was sure I would get some build up under the deck with the moist grass and high lifts but not a bit as the pictures will show. A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll shut up. Not saying Velocity is the best but it's good enough for me.

    1 008.jpg

    1 009.jpg

    1 011.jpg

    1 025.jpg

    1 029.jpg
  2. jsf343

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    I honestly do not know who says they don't cut well, but I agree with you Lance that it is one of the better decks for all conditions on the market. The cut you show looks very nice and the high-lifts are 1 great blade.
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    Are those not the exact same pictures you have posted previously at some point? I dont know why but they look very familiar? Anyway it doesnt look bad there in those pics. I guess I am going to have to stop and take pics of the lawns I see on a weekly basis that look ok but for some reason always has kind of a shaggy look to them. I dont even know how to explain what I am talking about really.

    Tacoma check this one out. I zoomed up across a lawn to take this pic. This is one of our few bi weekly cuts. Notice how deep the grass is around the light pole by the road. The entire lawn is like that every 2 weeks. Notice how there is no debris in the lawn and the cut is smooth. (BTW that was taken before we trimmed and blew off)


    Here is another bi weekly. This place is a tottal $hit hole.




  4. jsf343

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    Pro, what is the height of your cut? it looks pretty short, 2"? 2.5"?
  5. tacoma200

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  6. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Geez, wish I had a clean deck. My Turbo Force has so many friggin' nuts, welds, bolts protruding that I get clogs if the mower just thinks about grass.

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    tacoma200,it sure looks good to me.
  8. tacoma200

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    Now I did clean the deck when I put the blades on a couple of days or so ago but I have cut many acres since then with out cleaning it. I cut a 3 acre lot that first day and haven't touched them since I put them on or cleaned the deck since I put them on. I hope the receipt is enough evidence to prove they are new and there are no scrape marks from a putty knife under the deck which would be there if I had to scraped it today. I have been on Lawnsite 4 years or so and I always try to be honest. I'm not blindly loyal to one brand.
  9. tacoma200

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    Here are some more from today, there are no scrape marks on the deck and you can see these are the new J-Thomas high lifts that I just bought. I'm guessing it has been 5 acres since I have changed blades and cleaned the deck in these pics.

    1 030.jpg

    1 023.jpg

    1 027.jpg

    1 016.jpg
  10. Turf Dawg

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    Looks good to me, real good. I know how you feel about not having to scrape the deck all the time. I just bought a Super Z 66. I still get some build up under the deck, but nothing like compared to the Hoppers. I demoed JD, Scag, Kubota and the Hustler. The Scag had the least build-up under the deck but I just can't handle the ride personally. Around my area Scag is by far the best seller but until recently that was about the only dealer close. I have always said buy what does the best job for you, that is why there is so many brands.

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