more weed than actual lawn......??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rickman, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. rickman

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    from Maine
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    I got a call from a new customer,she says her yard is like 80% weed 20% lawn (grass)..I have yet to see it,but my question is this,Im new to the whole weed/fertlization world :dizzy: .I have only been a mower guy. So whats the best way to get rid of this "pretend" wannabee grass(weeds)??
    she wants nice green grass,not weedy grass,
    any help much apriciated!
  2. A.T.A.K

    A.T.A.K LawnSite Senior Member
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    Not to sound rude but resod or reseed depends on what she wants.
  3. rickman

    rickman LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    thats why Im asking,I dont know what to do and neither does she...
    she wants me to do what ever might work to get rid of the weeds within the lawn
  4. Ric

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    I am in Florida and you are in Maine, so My advise might not be the best. But it sounds like a case for a Re seed job.

    But I do have to ask the age old question that is the # 1 most ask Question here in the pesticide forum. ""Are you Licensed to apply Pesticides, as in Certified Pesticide Operator???"

    GREENITUP LawnSite Senior Member
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    rickman, can your customer wait a while for results or does she need grass asap? that should determine which to do - consider the much higher cost of the sod as well. you can seed and aerate 2-3 times for the cost of the sodding. if you take this road - you probably want to spray and make sure everything you don't want in the new lawn is dead a couple of weeks before starting..... and set up everything in the time of year best suited for seed germination in your area..... and (as you are no doubt about to read ) make sure you have the license to use and apply the herbicide you will use.... good luck.
  6. rickman

    rickman LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    thanks guys! yes I know about the license,
    also I been trying to tell her to wait it out a bit...she rents out the place in a couple weeks,Im sure the renters dont want to see dead $hiteverywhere,or just a plain mess on the "lawn" so hopefully she will wait.But we all know people say "hmm,maby I'll wait," then they look till they find some idiot that just wants the $$ payup and doesnt actually care about the whole affects and starts spraying in 90 degree weather and burning everything up lol
  7. Grandview

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    Every year I get calls from people who say their lawn is mostly weeds. They all turn out the same. I apply a weed/feed and in 6-8 weeks the weeds are gone and the grass looks great. Most lawns even if neglected for years have enough grass among the weeds to fill areas vacated by the weeds. Of couse growing conditions have to be good for the lawn, cool temps and enough moisture. Even if temps are in the mid to upper 80's and moisture is adequate, I would start by applying a weed/feed. I explain it this way to the customer, A weed/feed cost very little compared to reseeding or sodding and is worth a try.
  8. Grandview

    Grandview LawnSite Gold Member
    from WI
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    I would start by applying a three-way broadleaf herbicide like Triplett.
  9. Lawn Sharks

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    I would start cutting the lawn a lot higher. Those Maine lawns suffer from people mowing them to the dirt. Let it grow to 3.5 inches to start. After the grass has had a chance to recover from the stress do a boom spray app of a good weed killer. With the higher grass height the bare patches won't be as noticable after the weeds die.
  10. olderthandirt

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    Kill it off and reseed. Why try and fix a problem when you can do it right. The cost would almost be the same except it would take a few yrs to do the chem route and end up with the same results as planting a new lawn. And thats how I just explained it to a customer that had the same problem. They should be mowing by next week.

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