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  1. NEAL

    NEAL LawnSite Member
    from WI
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    I know the worst stuck has been done before but There is us new guys that got some more. I love these stories! Here is mine...

    I used to plow the lot where I work. Up until this point I always was able to plow before the store was open or after it was closed. We dont get much snow here and when we do it is usually a couple to four inches. One morning it was snowing when I woke up so I was able to plow before the store opened at 9 am. I then went to work for the day but it kept snowing all day, not too heavy but enough that my boss thought I should get out there and do the lot again. The lot is basically the shape of a horseshoe with the store in the middle so it is easy to plow I just windrow from the building out to the edge of the grass. Towards the end of the lot at the front of the store the lot is a little narrower and by the time Im out that far I have a pretty deep windrow and a good stack of snow going. It is hard to tell where the edge of the pavement is. On my last pass I come to the end, stack the snow and back up only to get caught in the windrow and pulled over to the side off into the grass. Well it was grass but over the summer they tried to dig in a big tank to test jet skis in right there and in the fall they took it out and had the hole filled back in. So Im stuck with front and back left wheels buried up to the hubs in the not yet frozen ground with both axles sitting on the edge of the pavement! A fellow worker tried to pull me out with his Toyota but couldnt find the traction. We had to hook a Dodge to his truck to pull mine out. In the process I got wet,muddy, embarrassed, and broke a hub. BUT it was still fun cause it happened plowing!

  2. SlimJim Z71

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    My worst stuck so far was when I was plowing the Infinity inventory lot at our dealership. We have to push the snow up over the curbs... and needless to say I had a pretty big pile going. Well, I got it up over the curb, but my front wheels sank into the snow on the other side of the curb. It took a 1-ton dually three tries to get me out. I was IN THERE!!!

  3. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino LawnSite Silver Member
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    blizzard of 96,i was using my uncles 84 1 ton,stake body duallyi was breaking trail doing driveway,that hadnt bee ndone yet-mind you I have never seen this driveway in my life,let a lone plowed it.The snow was about 24" deep and the drift at the bottom was so deep the driveway makers were buried.It was a horseshoe U with 2 entrrances from the road,I worked my way up and around,and on the way back down the other side i had momentum going and i couldnrt se real good,as everything was white at that point.I missed the driveway and tried to plow over the area about 6 ft to the left which was a 3ft deep drainage ditch,The truck stopped there,and wasnt going anywhere.We tried both 1/2 ton chevys together,and nothing.I had to crawl out the window to get out,the snow level was at the bottom of the westcoast mirror.I shoveled for 45 minutes.The truck was full of sand,about 2-2 1/2 yards,+the 275 gal fuel tank was full to,s it weighed about 16K.we ended up having to drive the 5yd Clark loader about 5 miles,on the road,That was the only thing that would pull it out,especially since the roads werent plowed yet,you couldn t get traction.I highly doublt even a 1 ton tow truck couldve pulled that thing out.Therewere no trees around to hook onto with a strap either.
  4. slplow

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    If my name was "Red Green" I would say: "If you not stuck, your not trying!"
  5. Yardworks

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    I hate that feeling you get when you do a major. It's like Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy." "That's going to leave a mark"
  6. NEAL

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    from WI
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    Too bad Chris Farley isn't alive anymore. He and David Spade could make a new movie called Plowing Boy. Couldn't you see those two driving around trying to do their newly assigned plow route!

  7. Yardworks

    Yardworks LawnSite Member
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    I'd pay 6 bucks to go see it.
  8. Dusty

    Dusty LawnSite Member
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    In the blizzard of '78 I was plowing a driveway with my 1953 Willys and though that it made a turn to the right. It didn't and I wound up in a field buried in snow up to the roof. A DPW truck came by and had a good laugh and then plowed a path to the front of the Willys and I was able to drive out. A little embarrased when it was put on the front page of the local newspaper, but since I lived 2 towns away no one knew who I was, or so I thought. That spring while going out for a Sunday ride, while stopped at a traffic light the car next to me yelled out "How are you at snowplowing?????"
  9. MWM

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    I was plowing after a storm that dropped no more than 6" but the drifts were terrible. It was the first plowing I had ever done. New Chevy 3500 with Boss V. After checking out this drive I think; No way can I push this much to one side or the other. I decided it would be best to leave it in the folded back v position. Even this was too much, so I lifted the blade up about a foot thinking I could break through, then come through to open it up on the next pass. Bad move. I ended up getting so much snow under the truck and beside it I had to crawl out the window and shovel it away and out from underneath before I could back the truck out. Live and learn.
  10. TLS

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    With V-Plows, you are able to use a feature that is not availablet to normal straight blades. This is the power-unstuck mode. Simply, V then lower and put in reverse and go to scoop and repeat. It has saved me at least twice and some others many more times. Similar to a tadpole swimming. Just like a back hoe is impossible to get stuck (almost). It just takes time, I hve never shoveled out of a stuck situation. I'm sure that there have been many stuck V's, but most are able to be "scooped" out.

    Hope you never have to try it!

    Good Luck


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