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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BIG D, Jan 19, 2001.

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    Hey Texans, I read in the January 2001 issue of Landscape Management (page 16)that you are not going to be allowed to mow between the times of 6am to noon because of pollution problems. I realize it only applies to Houston/Galveston areas and won't become official till 2005 but, this is serious. It's also strange that homeowners were excluded from this ban. Is there mower not polluting? Why dont they make these semi trucks park until noon they can work at night. The facts are that as soon as one city does it another city will do it. How much will this affect your business? I'm sure a lot. I would think you in Texas especially would want to start early because of how hot it is. Is your governor Democrat? Man this country is going very socialistic. Please Texans fight this off. I hope manufactures get there foot in on this also. They are making things so efficient now it they hardly put out any emmissions. The most pollution comes from the dust the equipment kicks up. Can you mow guys believe you might have to mow between noon and 8pm? If you have families prepare for some hard times. Good luck Texas Landscapers.
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    I read that as well and thought how foolish are these people becoming. One wore out raggedy a$$ car passing by will emit more pollution than the trimmers and other equipment I would use all day. Thats what they need to be policing is ol' smokers that need to be junked or fixed. I just hope Alabama doesn't try to enact those strange laws. I read where the industry folks are going to step up to the plate and try to put a stop to it. I hope they have very large numbers to get the point across.

    Good luck Texas
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    That is a federal law not a Texas state law...Our former Governor you are refering to was just elected President and no he is not a There are many other cities in the US that are being threaten with this regulation.
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    I read that article yesterday. I can't believe what the proposal is. I hope that it is not something that becomes more widespread into other metro areas.
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  7. Wow thats baaaad news!
    In Hawaii we don't need catalytic converters (although most cars have them)trade winds blow out all air pollution. Great if your a hot-rodder!
    My competition starts at 7am, no mercy. I give the clients a break on the noise and wait till 8:30am. As for small engine pollution not an issue. Its a great place for the business. If there are any laws on small engine pollution for Hawaii I don't know of any, and probably would'nt be enforced anyway. Thanks for the heads up on Texas. Guess I won't be moving there anytime soon (although my folks live there).
    Aloha, P.Y.S.
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    Around me they placed a blower ban from April till Sept in certain towns.We now must sweep up the clippings which is taken us alot longer.However I was watching a crew one day in August, the owner was some old guy with 4 workers, all of his equipment was shot i mean he must have bought this stuff in 1988 anyway they came mowed the lawn and 3 of his guys came bursting out with these blowers at full throttle that i swear they were the loudest things I heard just to blow away grass. If he had new blowers and just left them idle it would of did the same job 100 times quieter.To rid our selves of more regulations we must start with ourselves
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    Just to make a statement....The ban does not effect Texas, but the city of Houston, Texas and the Galaveston area. The reason being that it is one of most polluted cities in USA and has the highest problem with ozone. The rest of Texas is well safe.
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    Well spoken.....

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