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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by lawnman_scott, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Try having thousands stolen from you including a loaded gun taken from a parked car 10feet from where you and your wife are sleeping then talk. I'm not saying that is the best answer but a dead 1x time theif if better than a repeat offender. We need tougher laws then the theives will think twice. If you can break in and steal peoples stuff u can murder and rape and everything else. Crime for certian people is like pringles once you pop you just cant stop.
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    Hahahha dont leave all that in your car duh!
  3. BaxtersEssentialLawnCare

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    I left the gun in the car,the other stuff has been multiple incidents over the years. The night they got the gun they got over a dozen cars up and down the street. Shooting someone for that might be alittle harsh but I know where that comes from and I can't say that if I knew it was leagal and I saw someone jacking my stuff they just be dead paying with their life.
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    Well i am out a 5 year old wallet that i liked, a note from my wife from long ago, 2 credit cards, a few receipts, and $13. I am still beyond pissed about it but are you saying you would shoot the loser over this? I am afraid that if you would that SC needs tougher laws regarding the right to carry, especially since you can't even control the weapons that you have, or had.
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    It boils down to this IMO. Crime is everywhere, police and laws do nothing. Police only investigate crimes after the fact, they prevent nothing. Criminals are not as afraid of laws as they are afraid of being shot. I have lived in Texas 30 years, and in Ohio for 8 months. In the 8 months I lived in Ohio my car was broken into twice, I was robbed once. That was 3 crimes I alone experienced in 8 months, just minding my own business. Anyone I knew in Ohio warned me, for they had similar experiences. In Texas I have experienced no crime myself. Nothing is stolen, to break-ins, nothing. Of course I lock everything up, but still nothing has happened to me. I credit our loose guns laws. Citizens protect themselves, not laws, not the police.
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    IDK, if a thief was in my house or property, I have a duty to protect my wife and kids so I would do whatever it takes to do that. The wellbeing of the thief is not forefront on my mind.....
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    a home invasion is not the same as breaking and entering or a petty theft. If a home invader entered my home while we were there it wold be a bad day for that person for sure. It is unfortunate that people leave guns in cars and in general have a lack of understading of their responsibility of gun ownership. The act of leaving a gun in a car has put that gun in a criminals hands to possibly kill. That isnow on YOU. (not referrig to anybody here)
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    Florida has a "stand your ground law" which has done little to deter crime. In fact several people wound up on the other side of the law using that as a defense argument. As for all the tough guys that say they woudnt hesitate to take a life, you obviously have never found yourself in that situation. There is no good feeling from it. You never "get used to it" unless you truly have no soul.
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    Where in Ohio do you live? Ive lived in Ohio for 30 years and I dont think I even know anyone that has been robbed. Also Ohio and Texas gun laws are almost identical, you can shoot anyone who invades your private property and that includes your car even when your out on the road.
  10. BaxtersEssentialLawnCare

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    This Sir is a moronic statement. In over a decade of handling firearms I HAVE NEVER LEFT A WEAPON UNSECURED. The gun was in a locked car. All my other firearms are secured under loak and key. The problem is and I'm gonna quote my Grandpa on this "a lock only keeps a honest person honest". I take every per cauation to insure my weapons are only accessable by people who should have that access. As to what I said is really the part left unsaid in the quote. If someone is bold enough to break into someone property to steal, whats to say they won't kill you? I keep upto date on all laws and I abide by them to the letter, but I personally feel that if we had the right to shoot to protect property there would be less crime. After the last time I had something stolen I have made it a point to open carry on my property and it has been quite sometime with out a single issue. So is the threat of death a deterant? I have my answer and you have yours. I will respect your choice and I hope you mine. I have had more experince with crimnals than I would like and that has taught me alot. I do everything in my power to deter theft but at the end of the day locks/chains/cameras only do so much. (I have all three in use) but I can assure you that the point they stop working a few hollow points will do the trick. I wish that sc would adopt the texas law and allow me the choice. Not to say I would but I want the option. As a side not sc does have a stand your ground law but you are only able to use force to counter force against you or another person, not property. I wish it would be different.

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