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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by lawnman_scott, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I lived in Columbus Ohio for 8 months back in 98-99, maybe the laws were different then. I would bet money the laws are different regarding personal protection of ones property. I even have the right to protect my neighbors property with force, with or without their permission.

    I'm not debating who's state is better, just mentioning my experience. Bottom line, its well known in Texas to NOT steal. I'm not a trigger happy redneck, I just enjoy lower crime as a result of our citizen rights. I will protect my life and my property with out fear of prosecution.
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    Ok that makes sense, the gun laws have changed a lot here in the last 5 years. They are pretty much shoot first ask later. We dont have the right to protect a neighbors property though.
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    wouldn't hurt my feelings if a lot more were shot for stealing.
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    What about popping the guy in his dang leg so maybe he won't be able to run away as fast next time? And as to that being "deadly force" or not.. well, I guess it depends on where you hit him in his leg and if he gets away and to a hospital, or if he gets away to hide somewhere, passes out and bleeds to death.

    Look, in the old days, if you were a friggin outlaw known for multiple aggravated robberies, they didn't throw you in a jail cell for the rest of your life if they ever caught you, they strung your ass up and put an end to it.. that's the problem now a days, if you're caught dead red handed "oh well, just live out my life in prison with the taxpayers paying for me". Now, if it was "holy crap gonna be hanging from the gallows" , maybe crime WOULD be less.

    And to the fella that said about our crime rate being 5.something and the other places so low, that's because in Texas, when you shoot the criminal the law finds out about it, it is obvious that in YOUR state, people have gotten so tired of reporting crime only to have nothing done about it, that they've given up reporting it even.. so yeah, your crime rate is going to be lower because of that.
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    You dont shoot someone in the leg. You aim for the solarplex and fire untill the threat is no longer there. If there is no threat to your life , you dont fire at all.
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    I think it is always easy to say what you THINK youd do in any situation that a firearm is involved, but when it comes down the actually being in the situation, its really hard to judge someone one way or the other. I don't think I could or would shot someone for trying to rob my truck/trailer, but if they are robbing me personally.. or are at all on my property/in the house, I think Id have no problems defending myself or family with deadly force. But who knows, I might just stand there and piss my pants... lucky I have never had to find out.

    :usflag: The right to defend yourself should certainly be there in any case, and Im glad I live in Florida as far as gun laws are concerned.
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    Then you would like our laws. One has the right to defend life and property anywhere they have a legal right to be and if they are not the aggrssor they are immune from civil suit.
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    If you've killed before, you can surely do it again
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    22 married kid yep pretty much at that point:laugh::drinkup:

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