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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by lawnman_scott, Nov 14, 2011.

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    First of all the act of shooting someone anywhere leg, chest, arm is considered deadly some states drawing a weapon is considered deadly force. In my state the majority of conceal weapons are law enforcement you have to show a lot of proof to obtain a conceal permit if not. As law enfocement we can not shoot anyone unless it is to protect our life or a third party's life. There is a subcue to that if there is an imminent risk to the public ie them walking away with a bloody knife and a body nearby or a convicted criminal escaping. You can notI shoot over property alone. Gotta love a liberal state.
    Be safe a mower trimmer or blower isn't worth the risk they might not have a weapon but who is to say a look out nearby or partner isn't armed while you draw down on the thief.
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    I used to hate the judgemental course i had to take every six months.

    but it makes you think. and it always made me.

    its always different in every situation. And unless you really want that on your mind for the rest of your life you wont do it.

    we used to refresh the 6 different levels of "use of force"

    there are so many different "tools" to use before you get to that point.
    If its house or family and i am met with that force or any that i can "articulate in a court" all bets are off.

    I personally like karateeee in a can, but have the others tools as needed.

    buy a sensor for your vehicle. someone had a link to one they sell at home junko from dewalt? if your vehicle/trailer or whatever its on moves it sets off a remote alarm in your posession

    and if our considering getting one join the nra and a gun club.

    this is always a good read:
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    Id kick his a$s If I caught him. Its a language pretty much everyone understands- specially criminals.....
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    morons will be morons
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    Now thats a great reason to live in Texas. I wish we could "legally" carry up here.
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    If someone steals my ****, I have insurance. So be it. They obviously needed it more than I did that day.

    I would not shoot someone stealing my stuff. Causing harm to me or my family is different, but not theft.

    Most people stealing are desperate people. They are stealing because they have hit bad times, or perhaps for drugs. Either way, they are desperate and need HELP, not to be shot. Go to prison, sure! But 90% of the people stealing weed whackers and lawnmowers are just desperate. Those people stealing heavy machinery, etc... are usually desperate people working for organized crime.

    Personally, the chance of shooting someone and finding out it was a father of X and he was trying to get money for his kids medication. Or perhaps someone severely addicted wth nobody in their life to help them get help, is too great. I wouldn't sleep right after that. I would rather they go to jail, get the help and support they need.

    But in Canada we don't have to worry about that choice, you simply can't shoot them.
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    Wow, glad I stumbled onto this one! For the record Texas law (and castle doctrine) do not allow you to "shoot first and ask questions later to protect all of your property. You may protect your Home, or dwelling and in some states your vehicle if you are in it. You CANNOT just shoot someone for breaking in your car. Call your prosecutors office. Don't believe me, have fun in jail or in a million dollar civil suit. Was it worth it over a wallet, a mower or a truck?

    I am for very justice in gun laws, that is to say carry what you want, be a responsible citizen. Criminals will commit crime. They will buy guns, find guns or steal guns. The most important part of the issue to me is it is in no way just, constitutional, or right to take away a mans right to defend himself, his family or others in any situation with the common means of the day (first the fist then the rock then the sword now the gun).

    Indiana has been very gun friendly and has even let off some idiots who behaved borderline recklessly because they were defending themselves or their property. Ask any cop worth his salt and they will tell you most criminals understand one thing, speedy violent force. In the areas of our town where the citizens responsibly answer criminals with it. Crime moves on and those areas get safer. In areas where people do not or "wait for the professionals" they keep getting robbed.

    I carry a gun every day, but will only use it to defend my well being or that of someone around me. As for the guy breaking into my car, if I walked up behind him and I thought I could get the drop I would tell him Turn around and stand down I am prepared to defend myself. He would probably run and I would only be able to give the description to the cops. But he probably would pick a different truck (or different county) next time he broke into a vehicle

    just my .02

    Oh and to the guys saying "I'd shoot his arse" I hope you have at least taken some high stress training/gun fighting classes. It's not as easy as it is at the range on a sunny 70 degree day. It is VERY difficult to shoot under stress. You will not rise to the occasion you will default to your training (if any). But hey I am for your right to defend yourself either way!

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    Sh* in California, if I didn't help the ****** bag, I would most likely be sued by him!:wall
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    In my state you have the right to use whatever force is reasonable to stop someone from stealing your property. Can you legally shoot someone for walking off with a trimmer??? No. Would I do that??? No. But, I am within my rights to protect my property. That would probably mean yelling at the person to stop or giving chase and beating the person up or whatever to get my property back. BUT, it is up to the thief as to what happens from there. If he drops my item and runs away, it's over. If he turns and comes after me with a knife, pitch fork, or whatever, then all bets are off. Yes, I would shoot the person because my life is being threatened.
    I don't care if I have ins or not. It's my property, and it's not free for anyone to take. Sorry. I work hard for my stuff, and I am not gonna just stand there and watch someone walk off with my stuff and say "have a nice day friend"
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    Detaining is a good idea, but if they are jacked up on drugs or something, you never know what is gonna happen. The ball is sort of in their court, ya know?

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