morons stole some of my crap

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mayorofperryville, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. mayorofperryville

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    ha ha morons must have gotten into my back shed over the winter and stole of all things some of my junk spares. at first i was mad and feeling violated but then i realized they stole a hh echo blower, the older style that was boxy with an orange body and white grill didn't run, a solo climbing saw never ran (left my Jhonshred) an older echo power head and a push blower with a blown motor. have been going through my stuff and figure it must be some young punks who didn't know any better and didn't have the balls to break into the garage. So if anyone sees junk yard tools on CL please call the fools and thank them. they broke the lock so maybe i shouldn't have locked that shed. just thought this might cheer somebody up or maybe it goes to show that locking things may invite thief's. dunno crazy world and stupid people:dizzy:
  2. Flatop

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    I would not be laughing, the moral of the story is a person(S) went onto your property, broke into your shed and stole some equipment. Whether they were working or not they violated your space. May come again and return the items back.
  3. JFGauvreau

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    I don't know why people don't use cameras, not very expansive but very helpful.
  4. mayorofperryville

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    the thing is what can you do. people do what people have always done. That is try to get ahead at any cost. I have been through this sort of thing before and you go to the cops and unless someone broke into your house or stole your car they just don't take it seriously. I can tell you about a friend of mine who runs a junkyard and sells cord wood, One day i was picking up a cord and someone had hidden starters and alternators in the pile, was he pissed YES but what could he have done his home is somewhere else and the funny thing is the parts they tried to take was next to a van that he kept all his scrap catalytic converters in after Jr vented we laughed because the idiots could have stolen more money from him if they looked in the van. I am pissed,pissed they didn't ask me because i would have given the @$$%@!#$ most of the crap they took and i am pissed they broke the door getting in. but unlike Texas ( I was stationed there) i live in a highly populated and small state. LIVE AND LEARN (I am going to get rid of the shed it is rotted and just holds crap)
  5. Flatop

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    Funny thing about what you just wrote. Imagine if the shed would have collapsed on perpetrators while they were stealing your items. They probably would hire a lawyer and sue you damages. I heard and read stranger things. Our laws need to be rewritten.
  6. GreenI.A.

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    trust me up here in this area they wouldn't probalby hire an attorney. They deffinetly would. As the criminal laid cuffed to a hospital bed there would be a line of attorneys waiting to meet with him.

    Back to the original poster. I'm sorry about your loss, I hope it wan't a good lock they broke. I know how it is, I had a guy brake the rear window in my suv to steal a mp3 player. I had to pay 900 for a new window over a piece of crap $100 mp3 player
  7. mayorofperryville

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    the lock was a cheapo. You are right about boston lawyers. To bad to you think the state where we defied the king for ower freedoms would be a great place wouldnt you? the politicans and lawers ruined Mass for all of us.
  8. Field King

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    do not remove that shed!!! It is great Burglar Bait! Keep some junk like u did in it and they always go for the quick/easy hit, while your good stuff is behind better doors!

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