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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CLC, Mar 20, 2010.

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    I was thinking about buying a 100gal skid sprayer and spray mosquito barrier at just my home. How do regulate the flow rate. The product calls for 20 gals of water per acre,Using a droplet size of 350-400 microns or medium size mist. Can you guys help me out here

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    Wow, you must have money to burn. If I was going to spray "just my house" I would buy a hose end sprayer for $10.00 at walmart and save the other grand or two that you would spend on a 100 gallon skid sprayer for a vacation.
  3. CLC

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    I have a 5 acre plot of lawns, pond, and outdoor living area. So I need something good size plus it gives me room to expand
  4. phasthound

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    I suggest you look into ICT Organics Essential and apply with a backpack mist blower. BTW, we supply both Mosquito Barrier & ICT products. Last year I did push Mosquito Barrier and got mixed feedback. It worked fine in most of my applications, but some companies reported it didn't last as long as manufacturer claims. I cannot account for the reason why.
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    of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides
    16 are toxic to birds
    24 are toxic to fish and
    11 are deadly to bees

    and many field tests are showing unisex fish and frogs with multiple legs

    In an 11 year study by the EPA (and USGS) released in 2007, 97% of the water tested (on over 5000 sites) nationwide contained at least one pesticide, in over 40% of the tests there were 10 pesticides

    This is the water that is used by your town or city as a supply of drinking water

    Off my soap box
  7. CLC

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    Messages: 186 Check it out says its safe for fish pets people birds bees. Iam I wrong to think this. Anywho can anyone awnser my question about flowrate
  8. FLAhaulboy

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    I tried MB last summer & found this product to be worthless. I put out (2) applications in (2) days & it had zero affect. Thank goodness I only bought a quart when I was going to buy a gallon instead.
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    Absolutely true even for some natural pesticides as your link points out. Always follow label instructions.

    According to the label Mosquito Barrier is not toxic to fish.

    As for flow rate, just mix up your 100gal tank as per label directions and use the entire tank on your 5 acres.
  10. Greenkeep

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    I have been using this product for two years with great success. I have tank mixed it with Astro as well. Last year i tried alone and added spreader sticker to the mix and had great results. I am applying it with a Gregson Clark skid using a small nozzel on a Jd9 @150-200 Psi. Make sure you get a good soak on the buffer areas and hit the lawn a little while your at it. Unless i get a call back i will give Astro the boot.

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