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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jun 23, 2009.

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    When we use a product that offers outstanding results , we like to share it. "Mosquito Barrier is the best thing since sliced bread". That's a quote from one of our customers. Honestly guys, it is that good. Most folks ask for it year after year. Outdoor events can be held with confidence.

    We spray everything 30 feet high & lower. Results are immediate. Instead of getting bitten to death, all of a sudden....not bites whatsoever. It lasts several weeks, and it's totally safe. I use a J-D9 gun to spray it. Under decks, eaves of houses, grass, small trees & shrubs, etc. Basically anything 30 feet tall & under.

    Another advantage is you can spray it during work hours instead of going out at dusk to spray an insecticide that does not last.

    While this is not a "plug" for anybody, we buy ours from Tech-Terra (a lawnsite.com sponsor).

    Thought I'd share something we believe in 100%. Try it. You will be amazed. rscvp after you try it. :usflag:
  2. Young Bros

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    Sounds cool Larry...I guess you are a well of info, otherwise you would have told me about this already. :) I'm always looking for another service to sell.
  3. Bwing96

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    I want to use this product but looks to be a bit pricy at $74/gal to cover only 5 acres. What rate do you use to achieve such good results?

    I have been using Permethrin at a cost of $110/gal but covering 40-50 acres. We have had some pretty good mosquito pressure in some areas and this seems to work well but only lasts 14-18 days.
  4. Grandview

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    Larry, Is there a odor with this product? How do you mix it? Do you use a spreader sticker? Thanks.
  5. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    If you buy 4 gallons at a time, you won't pay near as much as $74 per gallon (this includes shipping). I mix about a quart for every 40 gallons of water. No spreader/sticker or anything else. 40 - 60 gallons covers an acre when we spray. We roughly charge $100 per acre, $60 per 1/2 acre, 10,000 s/f = about $40. (and we're cheap). :laugh:

    There is a very slight odor at first, but it usually wears off in 12 hours (according to our customers).

    Using a lawn gun ain't the best - a J-D9 gun is perfect using a minimum of 200 psi.

    When we leave the bill, we also leave behind a one-page piece of paper telling them about the product. http://www.mosquitobarrier.com (even though we buy it from Tech-Terra). We don't advertise this service, but if we did, I know we would get a whole lot more business.

    Nuther nice thing about it, any leftover product is used at MY house. :usflag:

    Our state has already issued warnings regarding expected mosquito outbreaks cuz of all the rain & humidity. IMO 'Mosquito Barrier' is a very timely product right now. Even though we don't advertise it, we have about 30 "pre-ordered" sprays scheduled. These range from day care centers to horse barns, and everything in between. Most of these are repeat customers or those who were referred. Other than 'Fuid Film', I have never bragged up a product such as this. Trust me -- it's that good.

    Any complaints -- just PM me. I'll give you Rodney's number. :laugh::laugh:
  6. Rlclawnguy

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    We ordered this product because of what you had recommended in the past. Over the last year we have just used it for ourselves and testing it out. We have just applied it with a hand canister. The boss takes a 1 gallon canister with him camping every weekend and they swear by it. I used it one weekend for a party at my house and sprayed it the night before. The next morning I mowed and at the party it didn't seem to be working as well as I had heard. I then mixed a batch in just a household spray bottle and sprayed it all over the patio during the party and lawn area we were in and I didn't hear a single complaint even though people thought I was crazy when I was doing it. I will be heading to the adirondacks in a couple of weeks and that will be the ultimate test. I am including this service in my newsletter that will be going out very soon.
  7. ron mexico75

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    Wow that sounds like it's something else. I can't believe something that is natural has such good results. I have been using TALSTAR all around the outside. Granular and the liquid. I always feel nervous and uptight when the kids and dog are outside. Even days after its dry. It's chemicals and you just never know if there are any long term effects.

    So how exactly do you spray it. I see you said what type of spray gun you use. How exactly do you mix it? Do you have a huge tank you carry around on a truck/trailer? I only have a back pack sprayer. Do you think that would work or no?

    Would you need an applicators license to spray this since it's just garlic?
  8. phasthound

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    It works best when absorbed by foliage. Insects detect it and stay away. So it is better when applied to lawns after mowing instead of just before.

    The product is EPA exempt, State laws may vary but in most cases no pesticide license is required.
    My clients love it & I have no problem spraying while kids and pets are in the yard.

    Anyone interested in adding this service, please feel free to contact us for info on achieving best results at the best price.
  9. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    Yep -- We used Talstar before we heard about Mosquito Barrier (liquid garlic). Talstar killed the little buggers, but that did not stop neighbor mosquitoes from moving in. Plus, new ones would hatch out soon after.

    Anything you spray is "protected" (grass, shrubs, decks, fences, etc). I use a J-D9 gun at 400 psi. 1/2 inch hose, D-50 Hypro pump. This allows me to spray all the way through shrubs & trees, under decks, eaves & roof tops of houses, etc. Often times, I will just spray up in the air about 30 or 40 feet & let the spray "drift" in open areas. I also try to shoot some (fine) spray over the property border too. Shorelines of lakes & ponds -- no prob cuz it's safe for fish & everything else.

    A gallon covers up to five acres, but we mix it slightly stronger (see previous post). My pickup truck has a 300 gallon Tuflex (fiberglass) split tank (185 gal for weed & feed/115 gal for tree & shrub products). So I mix it in the tree/shrub side of the tank.

    No license needed to spray it. I spose a backpack sprayer would work, but it probably would not provide complete surface coverage in all areas (leaves & branches, far enough under decks, etc). One guys asked if a lawn gun would work -- same thing, plus it's best to use a fine spray to get into nooks & crannies instead of larger droplets that lawn guns provide.

    This is our 3rd year using it. It's a nice feeling to know how well it works. I have several properties to spray next week, and some just before the Fourth of July, and many more later. Weddings, keggers, car shows, live concerts, and just plain ol' customers who want to enjoy their yards.

    Hope this helps. You can also contact 'phasthound' here on lawnsite, cuz he knows more about the product than I do. BTW we had one customer who said it lasted 3 months, but it didn't rain much during that period.


  10. FdLLawnMan

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    In Wisconsin if you are performing mosquito control you need an aquatics license.

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