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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jun 23, 2009.

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    IMO the best customer satisfaction is when one uses Crosscheck/Astro/Scimitar, etc cuz it kills nearly all skeeters on contact (even though it's short-lived). We have seen great results with Mosquito Barrier ONLY IF we do not experience frequent rain events after we spray. But in our area, that's usually not until July or so. My next door neighbor even complained that "I sent my mosquitoes his way" after using Mosquito Barrier last summer.

    Previous poster (phasthound, who sells it) recommended to use garlic 1.3 oz per gallon/ 2 gallons per 1000 square feet. This could be why we have had nice residual. We use a J-D9 pistol or a tall tree gun - both apply his recommended rate. I got beat up a bit last year from others saying foggers & mist blowers were better -- guessing now this may have been incorrect advice - especially from what I'm seeing from posts regarding low volume equipment.

    We also tried "ICT Essential" for "quick kill + residual" (beet, garlic, etc). Never again -- it didn't kill anything, and showed little repellent capability IMO.

    My favorite mosquito "total kill + protection" = a fresh mix of Mosquito Barrier + Crosscheck. The trick is to make sure it's fresh so the garlic aroma is still in place. This method has also been verified by our land grant university. Problem is, it's somewhat costly. One has to charge more for sure, but this is what I use on our property. >> Oh yes, I got beat up on this method last year too cuz others said a "repellent & an insecticide" could not be mixed together. (do a web search, and you can find this all over the place) :cool2:
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    We used a JD-9 gun as well and agree that products like crosscheck give us the best results.
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    I�ve used both products for mosquito control and have found them better than using chemicals because of the residual repellency. OTOH, I�ve heard mixed results from others using either products.

    I think the varying results depend upon weather conditions, mosquito populations, application techniques and customer expectations. That being said, there are differences in the products. Mosquito Barrier is more cost effective than ICT Essential-1, however it does not kill on contact and is not effective against the wide range of insects and mites as ICT Essential-1.
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    I put an ad in the paper that will be coming out tomorrow. Do yall still say MB is still the best? I was going to use broadcide. What do yall know about a br600 fogger for the job or should I just use my 200 gal tank that's in my truck that I use to fill water in my z. This will be my first time doing this so need all the help I can get. For some of yall that use it last yr for the first time how was it. Have any of yall use broadcide and MB and if yes which one did yall like best Just thinking what about a 25 gal tank with a JD 9 gun in the back of a mule
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    Bifen IT is 100 times better than MB.
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    What are you charging for a basic home. 1/2-1 acre lot. Entire property? Just wondering what your are charging for this treatment?
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    After reading through this thread, I decided to purchase this product and spray it at my residence. The following is my experience after 3 applications.

    Plain and simple- IT DOES NOT EFFECT MOSQUITOS AT ALL. I sprayed on my residence and the surrounding flowerbeds/ entertaining areas. Each app was 2-3 weeks apart and there was no significant rainfall. I sprayed according to the directions (probably a little stronger than recommended) and in the evenings.
    I continue to be overrun by mosqitos. Within minutes of spraying, I am covered in mosquitos. It seems to have no effect at all. I'm very disappointed in the results.
    With that being said, can anyone recommend other products to repel mosquitos?
  8. WestGaPineStraw

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    I use it all the time, you did something wrong! What kind of equipment did you use to apply?
  9. Bwing96

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    I don't care for it either, it doesn't work very well in my equipment. I think it would do better if I had enough agitation. I have some I'd like to sell.
  10. Classic Lighting

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    Shindaiwa backpack sprayer, 2oz/ gallon

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