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  1. namequest

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    I am trying to find the best pesticide to control a variety of insects, including mosquitos, carpenter bees, centipedes, millipedes, etc. but mostquitos are the biggest issue. I have added Stihl SR450's to use for application.

    The research I have done on this site and others indicates the following pesticides work well:
    Cross Check

    Is there one you prefer or suggest over the others for the control of mosquitos? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  2. WestGaPineStraw

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    Have a look at Bifen XTS.
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  3. georgialawn88

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    ding ding ding. good stuff
  4. TurfWerks

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    best way to apply it to control mosquitos?
  5. ArTurf

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    Through a fogger such as the Sthil mentioned. I personally use the Sthil SR200.
  6. inzane

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    I've been using the stihl sr450 for mosquito applications. I haven't gotten many calls for mosquito applications this year but i do have a handful that i do. I am using Wisdom TC at the moment, because its what i had. Its the same AI as bifen i/t. I use an IGR (nyguard) as well. Theres a guy on here who steered me in the right direction with what to use, and I've had some good results from this mix out of the sr450. Last year we could hardly go outside in the evening, this year I hardly ever get bit. Out of the few customers i do have, I have a lady that will call back every 2 weeks to say she has bugs. Her property pretty much sits in a wooded area, many bird baths, and a pool.. I use Altosid in the bird baths as an IGR. I guess some properties like this one are just difficult..
  7. MTC314

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    Been getting excellent results using tick killz and talstar.
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  8. namequest

    namequest LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for taking time to reply. I am going with the Bifen XTS and Altosid as an IGR.
  9. LawnSite Member
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    We use Talstar, I prefer it over the XTS as the label signal word is lower being caution instead of warning. Talstar if bought by the case of 4 3/4 gallons is very cost effective at about $120 a case. FMC typically runs a buy three get one free promotion. I think that Talstar mixes better than the generic as well, add some spreader sticker (Very Important) & your good to go.

    Its good to keep some Cyzmic CS on the truck as well in case you get a call back. The label on Talstar restricts its use to every 28 days when applying at the high rate of .06%. The cyzmic CS costs a lot more, but if only used for call backs it can go a long way. It is micro-encapsulated & does a great job.

    Altosid is a great product, customers feel safer knowing that its label permits application to animal drinking troughs & its safe for aquatic life. Its very cost effective and has a long shelf life as well.

    Remember that the mist blower uses air to apply the chemical & you can go farther with it than if using a conventional spray rig, however it is not Ultra Low Volume. I had a guy tell me he was mixing 40ounces of chemical per gallon because he could cover an acre with that gallon, this is not the correct way. Follow the label instructions & treat the SR-450 sprayer as you would any other sprayer when mixing. You will exceed the label recommendations of one ounce per 1000sq ft but will have great results doing so all while using less product. You will apply 1 ounce in a gallon to about 2-3k.

    I highly suggest reading this article in its entirety, . This is a published article from PCT on university research conducted in 2005 about mosquito spraying. It details the procedures, the chemicals used, the results (from testing as well as customer perception), & tells you everything you need to know on how to do the job correctly & safely.

    Hope that helps!
  10. inzane

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    this is the guy to listen too. I've had some good results this year. Thanks for all the information. I got one lady who calls back every 2 weeks though.. She is in the woods though.. I've gone there in the late evening for svc calls and still never got bit.. she may just be calling to be calling, or mabee she just wants my body.. who knows.. lol.


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