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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by djschofield22, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Anybody have thoughts on the new Mosquito Minus franchise? Seems very cheap for a franchise. Would it be simpler to just start a mosquito control business or would this be a smart investment?
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    How cheap is cheap for the franchise? I'm just curious. I added mosquito control as a service last year. It wasn't very expensive to get started up into. Just not a popular service in my area, or mabee i was to expensive.
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    I have seen it, its not a franchise but a "license agreement". They have three packages, the bottom two basically financed to equal the top package, being about $8K which includes a mist blower, some chemical, and a respirator. They do not have royalty fees, I'm not sure what the ongoing yearly fee would be to continue to use there name.

    For the money they provide you with a secured territory that you can use there name in, as well as online / phone support. They have pre-printed marketing items and can help you grow the business, if you have enough money to advertise with. If you don't have a current business or the know how then it could be a good thing for your situation.

    They have a "do it yourself" at home kit they they send out to you to learn how to do mosquito control & run the business. They also say that if your not licensed that you may want to hire a licensed operator to do the work until you can obtain a license yourself. You will have to get a state pesticide license in the proper category to be able to spray, which with you being in SC as I am is a core with section 8 public health and safety. You will also have to have GL insurance in place "Before" you can even take the exam. You can obtain the books required at the Clemson Dept of Pesticide Regulation. After studying the material then you can set up and take the exam at several collages around the state.

    In all reality the license has nothing to do with the type of mosquito control we do and is based on a city worker spraying streets with a mile wide swath lol. It does cover the safety aspect of mosquito control though and will provide you with some general knowledge.

    I could see it being a good thing for someone who is just getting started as they can teach you how to properly treat for mosquitoes as well as offer you advertising art work and the like to get things started. I don't know if they have a national call center that can handle your incoming calls like "MS" does, but if they do then that would be a huge benefit.

    Keep in mind that the license fee is just that, it doesn't include all the money that will be required in advertising to get the business up and going. It will take at least 10K yearly in advertising if you want to grow fast enough to make this your only business, or 2k yearly at the very least to make this a slower growing side business that you can one day transition into.

    The potential profit numbers they post, 20 sprays a day is $1,300, per month $41,000 & season 249,840 per season of six months is based on 600 customers @69 profit ($79 billing), something you are most certainly not going to start out with. In my area of Greenville and Pickens County here in SC, $59 is the going rate. We have many franchises that offer mosquito control along with the big name pest control companies in our area, they help to set the going rate for an average property.

    I don't like the way that they seem to focus on "huge profits", and have trees made of money pictured... That makes me feel uneasy, as if there making more money selling mosquito licenses than spraying mosquitoes. They should be more focused on you representing the brand well and having enough money to be successful. I would call them and really discuss in detail what they provide & what they ask of you in return. (ex. many franchises require an ad budget of several thousand a month that you must spend to promote the brand, adwords, phone book ad, radio, etc).

    Its hot and hard work, to be profitable you need to spray three average homes in an hour. With our warm climate it takes a LOT out of you to do this while wearing a 50lb back pack, long sleeve shirt, & respirator. I would go as far as to say its absolutely 100% miserable From June-September. Mowing or spraying lawns is a sweet dream compared to spraying mosquitoes. If you don't mind the hard work and have a passion for working with customers & great attention to detail while providing excellent customer service then mosquito control has potential.

    Mosquito control can be profitable, it requires lots of hard work, advertising, and constant effort. You wont be an overnight success, but if you work hard at it you might just build a successful business. I wish you luck!

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