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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Grasshopper23, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm adding tick and mosquito control this year to my business. I have a good amount of interest in it and I'll be getting a Stihl 450 to apply TEMPO to the perimeter.

    How do you guys charge for this? With Crosscheck it was easier because I was applying granular to the lawn square footage. I was thinking about charging the same as a fertilizer application as a rule of thumb or take the average of a fertilizer app and grub control app and be in the middle. Not sure where to price the Tempo for perimeter spraying. Any ideas would help.

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    the price we charge depends on the amount of landscaping as it determines the amount of chemical needed. We advertize $59 monthly, with 6 to 7 visits per year depending on weather. I prefer the older SR-420 or the newer SR-200 over the SR-450. The 450 is very bulky in its design & awkward to wear & use compared to the other two models.

    On average I can spray a home on a 1/2 acre lot with average landscaping with 2.5 gallons. If the yard is larger we offer to treat the back yard only for $59, or add the front yard for an additional fee. Generally all of my accounts are between $59 & $75. Once you get used your equipment you will be able to look at a property in person or via google & know what you can do it for, much like mowing.

    You have to know what the national guys are charging in your area to make sure your competitive with there pricing. The best way to find out is have them give you an estimate at your home. They advertize low prices such as $19.99 for the first visit, but then the price jumps up & they provide service every three weeks with ten visits a year. If you charge $75 & they charge $59 you will have a hard time selling jobs if you both work in the same neighborhood as neighbors talk. The cost to make the application is very minimal & an average job takes 25min from start to finish. In my area $59 is a good rate, I make money & customers feel its affordable.

    I would make a decision between the SR-450 & SR-200, buy it, then fill with water only & practice on your property to see what kind of coverage you get. The coverage will vary based on walking speed, nozzle setting, & of course the type of vegetation your spraying. Shrubs & average landscaping covers easily & quickly, trees like leyland cypress will take more chemical to get good coverage. Just my .02 Hope that helps...
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    just passed my test to add this service this morning.. do most of you guys spray the lawn as well? or just the landscape? I hear most just do the landscape. I am reluctant to add the service right off the bat because I'd like to make sure i can get effective control on my own property first. I hear so many that just spray the landscape and not the lawn. I did watch a pest control company spray one of my customers landscapes for mosquitoes, $95 bucks, he was gone in 15 minutes. customer says it never worked. lol. but they didn't spray the lawn. still thinking about starting out with my skid and jd-9 using the wisdom TC that i already had.
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    If you are spraying in the daytime focus on landscape plants and low tree limbs this is where they are resting
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    i ended up getting the sr-450 today. i thought the sr-200 may be underpowered for taller stuff.. i may use it for dormant oils in the winter as well.
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    Most of the mosquito companies here in Raleigh charge $65 for an average property; there is one outfit that charges $95 and they have lots of trucks so I would imagine that they are getting it.

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