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    I am new to this site and would like to inquire if any of you professionals also provide Mosquito control? (i.e. barrier spraying) I have looked at a few franchise offerings in this niche market, but thinking about starting up my own business, due to the high dollar investment for a franchise. I have been doing my reseach as to what license and certifications are required at the state level here in Michigan, so I am good there. Looking more for advice on what would be the best and safest chemical products to apply with a back pack sprayer. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated grately.
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    The various "...thrins", permethrin and others, are popular for mosquito control, as is malathion.
    Be sure to join the Michigan mosquito control association.

    My opinion is that a backpack mist blower is the best bet for mosquito control on small and medium size properties.
    Try to be equipped for treating stagnant water and swampy areas. Golf courses and parks need it at times. Be sure you can recognize mosquito wigglers (larvae). Some cities will want you to treat storm sewer catch basins, (thousands).

    In dry years--you will not get a lot of calls--be ready to do something else--like residential pest control--rats, ants and roaches. Get the license.
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    Thank you for your information, Riggle PLC. Would you be open to an informal phone call conversation pertaining to this topic?
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    Thank you for the feedback. Had not thought about that issue. Have you heard of either of these franchise opps? The Mosquito Squad or The Mosquito Authority. I have been investigating both of them as a possible business.
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    I am not familar with either of these franchise but in general Franchises are both GOOD & BAD.

    GOOD in the fact they give you a established business plan that has a track record of working in most cases but not all cases.

    BAD in the fact they take a lion's share of the Profits plus a big Buy in.

    My general advice is to study these franchises with the goal of learning as much as you can about their business & marketing plan. Then strike out on your own without them. You success rate might be much lower but because you are not sharing your hard work with them, your bottom line is larger.

    Here in Florida we currently have fairly good Local Government Mosquito Control. Therefore not much of a market for barrier control. However you might want to look into Auto Mist Systems for mosquito control. These are installed system not unlike irrigation but high on the house eves for repelling Mosquitoes automatic timers. Here are just a few links, there are more companies.

    The biggie with these systems is the Big sale up front and the Reoccurring Revenue from servicing these unit not unlike an irrigation system. Only these systems need more attention than a Irrigation system.

    Here in Florida to legally install these systems, one needs both a Chapter 482 Structural Pesticide License and a Chapter 388 Mosquito License. With the slow down in construction and Florida's poor economy and good county Mosquito control, it is not a viable market at this time. Most homes already have Screening and swimming Pools are screen enclosed.
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    Ric, i agree with you. we are lucky to have such good service with our local gov. on Mosquito Control.

    i was at a hotel in det. across from the airport and it was 730am sat morining and i was outside the hotel and mosquito's were eating me up...i was laughing saying damn we have less mosquito's at home in florida..
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    If your looking to do any work near or in water with larvicides or adulticides that the landowner will most likely have to get a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. Thanks to the courts, even though you use a pesticide according to the label and even if it is labeled for use in water, you are polluting under the Clean Water Act. The property owner of where you are spraying may have to get it before you can work. And then THEY have to keep records. And under the Clean Water Act they can be sued by private parties.

    Stay out of the water and your golden and none of that applies.

    Our state is charging close to $1000 to get a permit and it's like $400+ a year to keep it. Not many willing to go near water out West for any spray work. This makes it even harder to try.
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    I don't have enough experience to advise you much, TGgold. I got my license, but never had enough calls to make it worthwhile to get proper equipment. I had a little cup which I could lower down into storm sewers. When I pullled it up I could count the mosquito larvae from the catch basin water. I never sold the city on treatments for these.
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    The business model is more for residential barrier spraying, not commercial. I have located a few products which I believe are being used by these franchise opportunities. One is called Garlic Barrier and the other is called Mosquito Barrier. Both products are mfg by Garlic Research Labs. There is also another company I located called MGK, which offers branded name products called Riptide and Sector, which are possibly the non-organic (insecticide) that they barrier spray for the the kill/knockdown and last about 21 days. Trying to do my homework as you suggested!
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    I am quoting Gregory to make a point about MGK products. Our Local Government does an excellent job of Mosquito control using MGK products 99% of the Time.

    Mosquito Larvicides can be very expensive if you use Dunks. But Mineral Oil does the job at less than half the cost. Part of your barrier treatment should include Larvicides in all stagnant Water.

    BTW Gregory is one of the Good guys and has been a good friend to me. We live about 35 miles apart but this is just an other advantage of Lawnsite networking and making new friends.

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