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    It is a viable venture especially on estate new construction. They are being installed regularly and are crazy expensive. Also the same systems are being installed as fly control in the fancy stables. Its a solid niche business to be in.
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    Why do you think I had the Mosquito Mist Websites available to C&P to this thread. I never research to answer a question here at Lawnsite. I only post off the top of my head.

    I hate to be Pessimistic BUT. We have had very little construction of that type in the last few years in my area. To top that off there are a ton of Mist system installers who are working with out the proper GHP and Mosquito License. They can get away with it by claiming their system is only to be used for cooling mist. As long as they don't use any Pesticides they can get away with it legally.

    But I will agree it is a viable market IF you can get in with a contractor who builds Estate Homes. The big selling point is no need for large Screened enclosures to distract from the Architectural lines of the House. AND of course Cost of those large screen enclosures. BTW another market for Mist system is Out Door Restaurant seating for Cooling effect only. However There are portable Misting Fans build just for mist cooling.
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    Thanks, Ric. Good to know I may be on the right track with these products. Will contact MGK to gain more insight. Sure appreciate the help and information the two of you have offered. I am open to any and all suggestions for sure.
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    I am almost certain that the permit needs to be in place if you are treating modquitoes period, it doesnt matter if you are treating near water or applying larvacides. Also there is an acreage requirement, you need to be treating upwards of 1000 acres per season, so it would have no impact on someone starting out.
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    I have my commercial mosquito and biting fly in MA, we do a fair amount of residential mosquito control, a dedicated truck with two backpacks plus a four wheeler with a A-1 50 foot air blast sprayer permenatly mounted, you can search some of my posts I put a picture of it on here.

    Mosquito control is a slow growth operation, most people are single shot deals weddings and graduations. We do have bi-weekly customers, we are getting a bit of coin per acre and it is a luxury item. Joe middle class is not my customer. Im not bragging when I say that, but the price point and amount of applications per season is expensive. If you look at say a one acre yard, maybe they have 12000 sq ft of turf, lets say a fert company is treating at $6 per K thats $72 per application lets say they do a 5 app per year $360 per season, or if you are chemlawn you are charging $3.5 per K or $42 per round just above $200 per season.

    Lets say I am getting $90 per acre barrier spray bi weekly May thru the end of Sept thats $900 per season, now add larvacide on top if they have any wet areas and we are well over $1400 per season. So because it is so expensive it is a hard sell on Joe middle class, IMO

    As far as products, contact Ted Bean at Adapco down in florida they are the biggest rep for Bayer. Permetherin 10%ec can go thru a backpack for barrier applications 17.5 oz per acre control falls off at 7 days, Labda Cyhalothrin can go thru one as well and is what mosquito squad uses, Bifenthrin works well.
    I like to rotate chemnicals, STAY AWAY FROM MALATHION, stinks to high heaven.

    Plan on stocking your chemicals 2 weeks in advance, there are a lot of problems in shipping insecticides with food products including dog food, product gets taken off the truck if there is food products, so you cant overnight it, it comes by truck. We used to order 1 week in advance, and had to refuse a shipment that had a leaky box, so now we allow 2 weeks in case there is a problem.

    The garlic base products are okay for a house that is in the middle of a neighborhood, you wont get good repelent if they are near a swamp, plus every one I kill cant breed everyone you repel can breed.

    Riptide is more for misting systems.

    Solo i a good backpack sprayer, good spray pattern over the other ones, but make sure you have a backup set of o-ring for tank lid, diffusers and cone nozzle, Solo shuts down mid summer and parts get back ordered.

    Hit me up on a pm if you have any questions.
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    Humble1-Thank you! I do have additional questions and wondering if you would be receptive to a phone call off line, from me?
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    you can send me a pm with your number, I can call you Fri at some point. I think you need 10 or 15 posts before you can send private messages. Correct me if im wrong.
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