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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JFGLN, Feb 25, 2011.

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    I would think you would be fine. The article says it has iron and sulfur in it which is present in most of your fertilizers, and they don't hurt the micro organisms. Where you get into trouble with killing micro organisms is using insecticides or a soil fumigant, because that stuff has to be water or injected into the soil profile. these products just seems like it is sprayed onto the moss and not. The products should have a label, i would just read that and see what it says. From my thinking it sounds like its fine.
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    Go to this site
    I've seen research on golf courses for years on moss. This new product is getting great results
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    The OP says he knows HOW to get rid of moss. The question is what these products do to the soil microbiology.
    And ICT Bill's answer is probably as close as we can come.
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    Rather than killing think about going with the flow on a site, often it is difficult to compete with trees and environmental factors

    I guess I am not getting the question, why are you worried about the soil microcrobes???? If you change the environment you will change the make up of the relevant soil microorganinisms

    again look up succession in soils
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    I think I approached this question wrong. What I was really asking is how these moss control products fit in with an organic approach to lawn care. About 3 years ago we began switching our clients to organic fertilizers and very low pesticide use. We plan on adding compost tea later this year and eliminating all pesticide use. Did you take a look at the links I posted? We do most of the things suggested in the articles.
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    ICT Bill, You should come up with a moss control product for your Earth Harvest Organics line.
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    Its called Ca Fe Lime "Ca Fe" stands for Calcium and Iron
    for some reason the site would not let me put Ca and Fe together, it just showed ****

    I did not get a chance to go to the links, its spring in my world all work and no play
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    OH Jeez
    "The EPA has listed this product as a reduced risk biochemical"
    there is no such designation by the EPA, if you can find it I would be very surprised

    "Moss Buster is composed of all natural plant extracts and essential oils. It is child and pet friendly 20 minutes after it has been applied!"

    so it is not child and pet friendly before that, what if it takes longer than that to dry?

    OVER $100.00 per 1000 sq ft you have got to be kidding me
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    Come on Bill.
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    I stand by my first statement there is no EPA designation "reduced risk biochemical" they have "reduced risk pesticides" but not "biochemical"

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