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    I have a potential new client with a lot of moss in the lawn. I will take a soil sample if she signs, but I have not had to deal with moss of this magnitude before. She said it was limed a lot last year, I have heard moss is not necessarily tied to ph. I feel it is her drainage & shade along with compacted clay soil. My question is what is the best way to attack it??
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    1. Do a soil test to get the actual PH reading
    2. Prune trees to improve sunlight & air circulation
    3. Rake out existing moss
    4. Aerate in multiple directions to reduce compaction.
    5. Lime as needed per soil test results w/ Hi-Cal pelletized limestone
    6. Reseed areas with aggressive turf in your area.
    7. Leave a hefty bill, she will think you are a miracle worker. payup
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    Now thats good advice! Right on the money b)
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    Turf Smart has this down!!! payup payup
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    With two liquid moss treatments with 2-3# 20% ferrous sulfate/1000 sq. ft. in 4-5 gallons of water, once in the fall, once in the spring, you can expect cool season grasses to fill in on their own without raking or reseeding, except in totally bare, shady areas. Add ferrous sulfate to your winterizer and first spring rounds and you won't have a moss problem to deal with. Neal
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    Last year we got a tonne of customers complaining of moss ,not just a little bit of moss but it was all you could see in there yard .It was so thick it was like walking on 4 inches of wet foam .

    what we did for about a dozen of them was we put down the ferrous sulphate and left it for five to seven days then we dethatched it .After that was done we also aerated it .
    I told them there lawn may look poor for a bit ,but it will come back in looking better than ever .I dont think any of our customers were disipointed in the end .
    Almost all of these customers lawns were very well shaded ,very wet and slightly compacted in regards to the screw driver test .

    With our experience i have not found a liquid moss killer that is remotely as effective as ferrous sulphate ,so we stick with what works for us.
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    20% sprayable ferrous sulfate comes in dry form but is easily melted in water to make an inexpensive, effective liquid application. Maybe I didn't make that point. This is a liquid all the way and much cheaper than the already liquified products available. Chelating will help it to last longer for grass uptake and subsequent extended greening. In 4 or 5 gallons of water/1000 sq. ft. you will get better penetration than dry and much better control, in my opinion. Neal
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    I agree. I used various granular and powder forms for several years and they worked pretty good but were very labour intesnive, plus it was hard not to get any on the sidewalks or driveways with a spreader and the staining starts almost immediatly when its damp out. The past few years, after I got a small sprayer, I started to use ferrous sulphate heptahydrate. Its dirt cheap and very effective. I can do moss control all day long as long as its not raining. With the powder I was limited to morning apps while the moss was damp to get good results from it.
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    We've never found a dry that would compete either. Not sure a little to moderate rain makes much difference in control, at least not up our way. Can you elaborate please? Neal

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