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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mantronics, Apr 22, 2002.

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    hi all,im new to this board and i have a wife and i just brought a house and the lawn is 80% plans are to rake up the moss and haul it away and then level my yard off with some eco topsoil and there a easier way to get rid of the moss and should i haul off the dig up moss or can o just break it up and lay the eco topsoil on top, help,my 9mths birthday is in june and i really want to get the moss off the lawn.......
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    Moss invades a thin turf. Moss does not cause thin turf. Shade, poor drainage, low soil fertility, extreme pH and soil compaction can all contribute to turf decline and moss growth.

    How do you fix this?

    1) get soil pH tested. You may need to correct the pH. Lime to raise an acidic soil. Sulfur to lower a high (alkaline) pH.

    2) Reduce shade if you can. Thin out trees. Trim tree branches up to 8' from ground. Get sun light into this area.

    3) Improve drainage. If drainage problem is due to soil compaction, then aerate or till. Don't do this with soil wet. Add organic matter if you till to improve drainage.

    4) Eliminate soil compaction. See above.

    5) If you are not going to rototill area, than rake moss. Iron sulfate can be applied to kill moss, but moss will return if you don't correct above problems.

    6) Overseed/slit seed/reseed area. Use a grass that can grow in shade. If shade problem can not be removed then consider ground cover.

    7) Address soil fertility. Remeber that grass grown under shaded conditions should receive 1 lb. of Nitrogen less than turf grown in full sun.

    Good luck.


    p.s. How about the courtesy of a reply? No one in this homeowner forum ever replies with comments or a thank you!

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