Moss problem in sunny lawn area

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MDLawn, May 28, 2010.

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    Did some searching on moss care and a lot of the problems many people had dealt with moss in shady wet areas. This lawn is completely in the sun and the moss is spread almost all over the entire lawn. There is still grass just patches of moss everywhere. It's seems some of the concensus on here is checking soil ph levels and reducing compaction to help reduce the moss. Just wondering if someone has some recommendations on treating this issue. Does the moss need to be removed? If so what is the best way? If not will aerating the lawn help? Just trying to find some solutions for this potential customer. Thanks
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    Moss in sun? Rare in my expeerience. Is it algae? Green or black, slippery and slimy? Is the area poorly drained? Watered daily and too wet? If you have good sun and proper drainage--more grass is the best solution. My idea--cut short, power rake, overseed with a top-quality rye/blue mix. Once established, in 8 weeks cut watering to twice a week for an hour. Water in afternoon to let the grass blades dry before night, to reduce the average humidity.
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    I think I read somewhere that a K dificency as well as low PH might be a factor. I did a high K app this spring to correct a major dificiency and have not noticed moss where i used to see it....I'm busy though...maybe I just havent come across it yet. I am talking about in full sun...
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    Come on Riggle .... please don't recommend irrigation schedules without knowing anything about the system the guy has installed.

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