Moss Problem


Was in the backyard today and noticed quite a bit of Moss scattered around the backyard. I had my lawn aerated and seeded in the fall, and it has been a very wet winter.

For what it's worth my backyard his clay soil, gets lots of sunlight. Similar situation in the front, but no moss whatsoever there.

I was getting ready to put down fertilizer and crabgrass preventer, but now I'm not sure what would be the appropriate action. Can anyone help? After seeding I really don't want my lawn to go to the toilet.


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How long have you lived there? Check your pH and correct that. You can treat moss with an iron based moss killer. That will also give your lawn a deep green colour.


I've been here 5 years. I will do a soil test but sending that to the county could take a few weeks. I have a bag of Scott's Step 1 in the garage, and at this point I'm not sure if I should apply it or not.


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Iron Sulfate will burn it off but does not get to the heart of the problem. Lots of time a hard pan is below the soil or some other obstruction keeping the soil from draining. Run a metal rod (Rebar Steel) down through the moss and see how far it will go. Also, do a search on Copperas and read about it.
As mentioned a soil test is a good place to start. If the pH is abnormally low +/-5.0, then hydrated lime or Dolomite will begin to correct the problem.


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Too much water, poorly drained soils, and shade are the 3 big promoters of moss... so you must do what you can to correct the 2 that are bothering you, since shade is not an issue...

What kind of grass are you trying to grow???