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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ukie, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. ukie

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    One of my new customers has major moss problem, I never had to deal with this yet. So, to make a long story short... What should I do first: apply moss control then pre-m. Is it a good time to work on moss? When should I overseed the area?
    The place is in 90% shade and hilly and no standing water, also they have a dog there, but willing to keep him inside for a few days 'till it rain...
  2. Xterminator

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    Till it lime it and plant it
  3. TMarch

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    I've heard of good results with Quicksilver Lesco carries it.
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    or insecticidal soap. muriate of potash (also help to dessicate). disturb the soil and remove the moss if possible, spread ferrous sulfate, and more potash if necessary. reseed with starter. incorporate perlite, Soilmaster, or sand or something that will improve drainage. Lime and gypsum usually help too. spoon feed the new turf with amonium sulfate.

    oh yeah, and to get all this to work, you should probably remove some trees or braches, you need more sunlight, and more drainage
  5. sheshovel

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    moss= no drainage in the area..tou must build up the soil structure so it will drain properly..dig in organic matter..compost and reseed it.
  6. muddstopper

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    Forget applying iron or herbicides. If you dont improve the conditions that caused the moss, it will just come back. Moss needs three things to thrive. Shade, Poor drainage, Poor soil. Eliminate two of those problems and the moss will die. Simply fixing one of the problems wont eliminate the moss.
  7. FINN

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    When I get a lawn like this I tell my customers "Sometimes we have to look up before we look down". I then explain much of what has allready been said in this post. The site conditions need to be changed,before grass can be established. Give them a number of a good tree company and offer to restablish the lawn. You will make more money and save them money in the long run.
  8. cemars

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    With or without moss, why would you apply pre-m with 90% shade?.
  9. upidstay

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    Gotta agree with Mr. Finn. If it is 90% shade, moss may be the greenest stuff you will grow there. Cut some trees down. Gras needs sunlight to grow, I don't care what anybody says. Moss also like crappy, acidic soils. If you are on a hill, be careful about ripping out the moss. It might be the only thing keeping the soil there. Also, pre-emergant chemicals will do exactly jack for moss. the last moss killer I saw was mostly copper. Basically a toxic dose of the stuff. Would probably kill any grass too, though. In situations like these, it is time to find "an alternative ground cover". Sell them on a shrub and perrennial landscape bed.
  10. griffy77

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    I have to agree with the other guys about the light. Without enough little grass aint going to grow.

    One thing to note is if you find moss growing in th lawn were there is at least%50 light or more than there is a serious problem with the PH. Moss is a good indicater of acidic soil. Anytime I find moss on turf then I know right away I need to sweeten the soil.

    I found by adding 2000lbs per 3000sqft of lime and add a little Ironite with it I will eliminate the moss. Works everytime. Its still good to take a soil anylsis before starting any fert progam. IMO

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