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    Hi All, sorry if I'm intruding-homeowner here.
    Two years ago I had about 10 pine trees removed from my back yard, and the lawn has never been thick and has always been very uneven with high and low spots, like divots. Last October I aerated and limed the yard and then dormant overseeded in December before the first snow. Looking at it now I have patches of moss everywhere(backyard). I'm thinking whatever seed is down is wasted anyway with all of the moss cover. What is the best way to renovate this lawn? Size is 155' by 180', with 75% of that being back yard. I don't have a pickup truck.
    I'm thinking of doing it in sections so I can topdress it as I have access to my friend's pickup. Suggestions???
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    Question, you stated your lawn has never been thick and has been uneven, with high and low spots, was this how it was before the trees were removed or within the last two years after their removal? Get a soil test done soon, I see your from Pa, so am I, and go from there. Get it done in time to make the neccessary changes before a spring seeding. Ensure a ph of between 6-7 I believe. Once the soil is right, rake down the high spots and for the low spots, go a little more heavy with the topdressing, aerate again, and seed. Maybe more lime for the moss, I'm not that familar with moss, maybe google it and find what kind of soil conditions it prefers and go from there. Sorry I couldnt be more help with the moss, but I'm sure someone on here can be.
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    Do not aerate, rake or dethatch that moss. Doing so will cause you to spread the spores across your lawn.

    Moss is a tough one. You need to tackle the moss before going any further. I have personally never tackled a large moss problem only small spots. I paint the moss with white vinegar and it smokes it dead. It will also smoke any thing else it touches so a steady hand is required.
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    Apply lime ! Moss likes low PH soil and adding lime will raise the soil PH. You will need to test the soil to find the correct PH so you will know how much lime to ad.

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