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  1. moreira85

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    my lawn i think is getting moss on the soil. it is green and slimy.
    It has rained here in MA like the last 23 of 30 days non stop. Can over watering cause this and will it fade once the soil dries up?
    I am going to bring some soil samples to lesco to test.
  2. moreira85

    moreira85 LawnSite Member
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    definetly not moss. it is not soft and dry. It looks slimy green and slippery. Still trying to figure out what it is? it rained a ton here and wondering if that could caus it as there are a few mushrooms from all the rain.
    I dont bag the clippings i am wondering if it is from all the rain mixed w/ the clippings.
  3. cinquefoil

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    Any chance it is algae? I've got the same thing in my lawn too.
  4. mngrassguy

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    Post some pics. We love pics!!!
  5. garydale

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    Riggle is right!-We have many shady lawns that are next to water ways and irrigated platforms. This algae is slippery as owl snot and dangerous to walk on. We manage embankments that are covered with this stuff. The Doctor's don't care to control this stuff as it hasn't caused any structural damage. It just looks unappealing and swampy!
    Copper Sulfate and or Ammonium Sulfate will slow down and eliminate the stuff but is only a temporary fix. You will need to allow more sunlight into the areas where it grows, and do as stated above, and control the water.! I can't speak for calling the kettle black when we have the same issues at our properties. Our maintenance issues don't affect this algae. It is a waste of money for our properties. If the algae is a possible slip and fall hazard, then advise to control the stuff immediately and reduce the water if possible. With all the excess rains this season it is nearly impossible to get a grasp and control this stuff until the water faucet stops running!
  8. lilmarvin4064

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    sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (terracyte)
  9. 44DCNF

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    I'll add that your clippings arent contributing to it. It is spread by spores. It's presence is usually a clue that you have poor conditions for healthy turf growth, or maybe there was a previous problem that wiped out areas of grass, leaving bare soil for it to take hold on (brown patch for instance). Go with the soil test and follow it's recommendations, the suggestions above, and work to thicken and reestablish the turf where thin or bare.

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