Most common problems w/ PG?


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Dayton, Oh
I recently purchased a used Perma Green with only 54 hours on it. I have had it for three weeks and already have had it in the shop for 4 days getting repaired. The problems I have had was...

-Throttle sticking in the open possition while in operation.
-Had to replace toggle switch for pump. Just started pumping on its own and could not shut it off.
-Battery shot, had to replace it (only 54 hours?).
-Would not stay running. Needed carb. adjusted.

OK. So what else should I expect? I want to stock-up on extra parts to keep with me in the field so I do not have to continue running back and forth to the shop or to Lesco for repairs.



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David, surely you asked yourself why a machine with only 54 hours is being sold???

LOL, now I'm not laughing at you, but I can relate to your problems. Have replace toggle switch for pump lots of times, but I never had the experience of it breaking in the on position (that must of been fun)

Battery, cant let those things be out in the cold of winter, probably what happened- poor care on the previous owners part

Carb needing adjustment, probably can chock that up to the previous owner as well?

Throttle sticking, yep, been there

Thing eats up hopper cables like no tomorrow (on the older centri units, no cable on newer ultra unit)

Carry lots of spare drive belts with you at all times! (aint easy trying to manually push it with a full hopper of fert back onto your truck)

Also not a bad idea to carry a spare pump...been thru quite a few of those

Wheel bearings- have extras- you'll need em

Dont forget to carry extra fuel...plan on fillin er up often

Lets see, what else...... well, just have a big box full of parts and you'll be ok.

For every minute that machine saves you on production hours...expect to put in that time on maintenance.

When its running good and being productive you will love it
(key word is WHEN)

Have fun


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Dayton, Oh
Thanks TSM, I think I'll stop in Lesco and ask the mechanic to put together a list of things and parts I'll need for a repair kit.
"David, surely you asked yourself why a machine with only 54 hours is being sold???" Under most circumstances I would. However, in this particular situation I bought the whole company and the PG came with it.

By the way... what is the deal with that tiny fuel tank. The first time I ran out I thought the thing broke down because surely I wouldn't be out of gas after topping it off only two hours ago!!!

James, I will. Thanks. Also, I hope your feeling better?