Most dangerous jobs for teenagers

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Soupy, Jun 18, 2005.

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    I heard on the radio today the top 5 most dangerous jobs for teenagers and 3 of them would fall in our line of work. 1 was agriculture and 2 was lawn care and the 3rd one was any job driving an tractor or ATV.

    The organization (forgot name) that puts this list together every year determines these rankings by deaths/injury reported from that type of work.

    They didn't give statistics, but they said that the number of reported injury's are astronomical among teenagers even though you must be 18 to perform these jobs.

    I was surprised tree work was not mentioned or restaurant work. With the amount of teens working in restaurants you would think the number of injury's reported would be higher.

    This was mentioned on a talk show and I was tempted to call in and try to get a discussion on under age grass cutters and the liability the homeowner might have but my phone battery was low. I know this topic is discussed on here a lot and wished my phone was strong enough to make the call. The discussion ended up being more on what jobs they were surprised didn't make the list.

    Anyway, all you teens need to remember the dangers and be careful. I know a lot of people think theres nothing to this line of work but I can think of many occasions something bad could have easily happened over the years.
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    im not quite 16 and have been using commercial equipment since i can remember and i am always very careful. my chute is always down, i move debris, and take any other obvious precautionary measure.
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    The key is having the proper safety equipment(in good repair of course) good operating machinery, and safe operating practices with said machines. AND using the right tool for the job. one cannot use an edger to trim grass very well.

    For the most part, I am careful and generally try to work as safely as possible.
  4. stuie

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    I heard on the radio today that the number one accident that admits males to hospitial is a fall from a ladder.
    Machinery is dangerous and you have to respect it and the damage it can do to you.
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    1. Drug Mule
    2. Drug Runner
    3. Drug Dealer
    4. Drug Addict

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    I have to question the validity of this report.
    Exactly what 'job' would a teenager have that would include driving/riding an ATV?

    If it's on a farm, then it's already being counted as an agricultural job, that would mean any accident would count as two points.

    Too bad they won't let 'em work the french fryer at MacD's anymore.

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