Most Economic Zero Turn for my Needs?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Fiddler, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. OP

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    Thanks for the responses guys, sounds like a walk behind is probably my best option, as I can use it for a bigger variety of properties, and for a lot less.

    I'm a little hesitant investing too much money because of this one contract, for all I know someone could come around and low-ball offer them, and there goes my 20+ properties in one swoop. But it would be stupid for me not to talk it either.
  2. Mownmachine144

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    1. Home Depot ride on mowers are cheaply made Period.
    2. A $2000 residential mower will not last you 2500.
    3. He's talking commercial not home owner stuff.
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  3. Mownmachine144

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    New or used? if used..
    We can be on the look out for a low end commercial or fully commercial mower with a couple hours on it.
  4. LawnCareBowling2019

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    So you guys think that 2000$ zero turn from home depot is a gimmick, that wont last more then a few hundred hours? Id like to get a exmark or a gravely, but that one is such a good price. I guess I should do some research.
  5. Clean cut LLC

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    What type of properties are these?
    Are there inclines, will you have to change grass heights often? Are there tight gates/
    areas that would be too big for your push mower?
    If you’re not ready to bite the bullet on something expensive, I have a 30 inch Toro self-propelled mower that is great for small areas. Just keep in mind as you grow will this mower do the job or would it be better to go with something a little more high-end.
    Each type of mower has its pros and cons.
    Walk behinds: simple, inexpensive, the ones I have seen/ owned were a pain to change heights
    Stand on: generally faster than walk behinds, price in between walk behind and sit on z turn, not good with inclines, sticks can be very sensitive and takes some time to get used to.
    Zturn: generally the fastest and most efficient, also most expensive
  6. Greencuts518

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    Get a Bradley stand on, that's what I'm saving for
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  7. Centex Aeration

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    Any details on the 36 stander Bradley is coming out with?
  8. Greencuts518

    Greencuts518 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Someone posted on this site about it a few weeks back. I think Bradley Stand on was thread
  9. Doc8406

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    Just spoke to a fella in NC whom is selling a Bradley Stander 52" that he bought this year (2018), i did get him to tell me about warranty issues with the machine. He did allow that right now there is an issue with the deck, that it will not lower below 3". He has not been able to figure out what is causing the issue with the deck and what is keeping it from going any lower than 3 inches in deck height. Nor can he get warranty work done on the machine, cuz he didn't "buy it" from shop that works on commercial mowers.. i have also found out that none of my shops in my area will not bother with trying to do "warranty" work on them either.. i have asked. i think that before you go an order one, it might be good to understand, even though you have bought a new machine, you might be the one doing the "warranty" work so to speak.. it would be just as if you had bought a used machine with shiny paint!
  10. Greencuts518

    Greencuts518 LawnSite Fanatic
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    I bought a Bradley and have had zero issues and what do you want for 50% cheaper. People are unrealistic with their expectations. Seriously my wb does not work as good as my old scag I had but the Bradley was $3k cheaper.
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