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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by boomhower1, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. boomhower1

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    I've recently started my own business in central Illinois and was wanting to get everyones input on the efficacy of different herbicides in my region. i have worked with speedzone, surge, momentum, tenacity and t zone, to name a few, in the past. my experience with them has not been to my liking. i want to be sure when i spray a lawn, those weeds are going to die. as a new business, i cant afford to be called back to a lawn to spray again, and i want my customers to see that i do indeed, do a better job than my competition. Thank you for your input.
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    I always warn people that a lot of weeds needs 2 apps to completely kill. I love tenacity, but people freak out when the weeds turn white. I mostly use momentum fx2, kills most weeds and crabgrass

    Make sure you are mixing corectly and set up test plots in your own yard.
  3. boomhower1

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    Thanks, fortunately i have plenty of yard. unfortunately, i don't have many weeds. i am planning to do some tests this fall. i, like most people, am just trying to keep from having to go back to spray again. i worked for a nation wide business before starting my own, and there was just too much of that for my liking.
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    correct me if I am wrong but fx2 won't kill crabgrass but momentum Q will ?
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    Correct Xtreeme.
    be sure to calibrate your equipment correctly--don't spend 5 minutes on it and call it close enough, like the big hurry-up companies do.
    Get it right. Also do not skimp, like some companies do. Use herbicides at the max rate. You are trying to kill the weeds--not just make them sick. And always use a spreader sticker--wet the weeds completely. And spray at the proper time--when weeds are young and tender--not old and mature. Spurge is exceptionally difficult to kill after about Aug 10th. Violets, oxalis, veronica and ground ivy are difficult--but I am sure you know that. Repeat treatments may be needed, particularly if conditions are not optimum.
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    I like to mix half mec amine d and half chaser. I also add liberate a spreader sticker. It's always worked well for us. Everything but violets die including ground ivy in one shot. 16 gallons per acre of water. Good luck!
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I worked for a large lawn care company and always thought we weren't using enough herbicide. Because I never had a problem in my own yard killing most weeds, but customers always did. I feel like we were rushed, in the name of production, and used lesser rates of herbicides, in the name of cost cutting. I think its the wrong way to do it. But thanks again!
  8. ToddH

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    Many of the newer products are slow kill so yes it is a program and often requires multiple treatments to kill all weeds.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I used Vessel 3 way with Turflon Ester in my PG this year with good results. Turflon gives you a higher rate of triclopyr in your mix than would something like TZone.

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