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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by spitfire3416, Jun 18, 2013.

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    When designing your postcards for mailing, what do you feel has given you the most effective return rate? I see guys who will write something along the lines of "let us mow your lawn this summer so you don't have to!" or they'll offer a discount on a particular service like "first cut free", OR they will advertise a service such as overseeding and provide a full description of what it is and how it can benefit their lawn. I feel all of these strategies can be effective depending on who the potential customer is, but what do you feel is the most effective? Maybe I should just include all of them on my postcards? lol
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    I just listed most everything I offer and emphasize how summer is meant to be family oriented, shared, and fun. Not hard work in the heat. But really I only needed to send out like 500-1000 initially to get my name out, and after that word of mouth has been the best advertising for me.
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    It depends on the purpose of your mailing. Are you branding or selling? They're not the same thing. If you want people to recognize your name (branding) so that you can do follow up contacts (like phone or door to door) then the piece should be about your logo and service offerings, as big as you can make it.

    If you are selling, then you need to focus on the service that is topical at the time of the mailing (for instance, bug controls or irrigation repairs during the summertime vs mowing and season long programs in the late winter/early spring) and create a reason to buy right now, like a limited time special, a coupon, etc. and keep it on task and focused on the specific action you want them to take (and tell them what that action is.."call us right now" "order today!" etc.)

    Pieces that fail to generate are usually those that don't know what their purpose is because neither do the potential customers who see them.

    As a side note, the time of week for delivery and the volume that is typical in your area can be critical to your piece being seen. Go out with the grocery mailers,valpak, etc. and your piece is buried trash. Talk to the company who is handling the mailing and see what your options are. Oversized, professionally designed piece that stick up out of the regular mail often have a better chance of getting some eyeball time than small postcard stuff. Quantity may be the game, but the winners are the one with conversion percentages. If you have to send out 10,000 little ones to get one client and I need to only send out 100 larger ones to get 3, who is saving money and getting the best return? Talk to your mailers.

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