Most efficient number of employees on a lawn crew?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ozarklawns, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Southern Heritage

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    I run 3 man crews. We have tried 2 but wasn't efficient enough. But I've noticed all your guys need to be on the same pace. You can't put a fast guy with a medium or really fast with fast. Seems that symmetry is everything with maintenance crews.
  2. sterlinglawns

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    Yep that is our set up as well. 2 man crew one cutting one trimming and edging. Whoever finishes first grabs the blower then off to the next stop. Most properties are around 1/2 acre.
  3. ozarklawns

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    I do think that having one man weed whip and one stick edge would be nice. I know right now with two people we can do about 20 per day at most. I don't know about more than that. I guess if you have very little drive time you could handle a lot of work in one suburb. I know we spend about an hour drive time in a day but I don't really dedicate time for a break. Drive time is our break. If we could do 25-30 average yards in a day that would be nice. It just seems like more money more problems. Often it does not seem like its worth it but I created this monster. Time to tame the beast!
  4. Duekster

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    On paper 3 guys lower your overall cost per unit but I am not sure 3 are 1/3 more productive than 2.
  5. acculawnsystems

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    With 16 years experience as a LCO, we always tried to stay lean with one or two extra guys in the wings if someone did not show, which happens more often than you think.

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