Most hours you've seen on a machine?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Grassfire205, Apr 16, 2019.

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    The diesel ones do. I don’t recall a single post in this thread about replacing hydros. If you’re expecting to run 2k or more trouble free you better ditch the air cooled gasser.
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    Funny you say that. I've seen more liquid cooled kawasaki's with push rod issues prior to 2k hours than I'd like to admit, I've seen a dozzen replacements on liquid cooled engines prior to the 2k mark, sometimes prior to the 1500 hour mark. I'll tell you that even the liquid cooled motors tend to need replacement around the 2k mark or before. Contrary to the salesman or what you like to believe, the air cooled engine hold up very well up to 2k hours, some might start using a little oil, but I've seen the air cooled ones go 2k without any problem, walk behind or ride ons. I would greatly question whether a liquid cooled gasser has any more longevity than an air cooled gasser.

    I understand that you don't see any talk about hydro's on this 2 page post, but i can assure you, unless you're new to the game, it's not a mystery that hydro's go out, and sometimes it's as frequent as the engine.
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    Jacobsen 9016t, all original deck hydraulic motors, every other hydraulic component is original except for the rear wheel motors.

    Had the top end of the machine worked on ie. New head gasket, new rockers, rods and i am sure i am missing something else.
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    Nice. Have an eXmark Viking at 8290hrs all original hydro components. Only thing changed was gasket on the reservoir cap.

    On its third engine and second spindle set.
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    Not Disagreeing about hydros going out as I think I have been fairly lucky but I've been running hydraulically driven mowers for 28 years and never had a hydraulic drive system fail or even need any work done to it. In fact until the last couple of mowers I've had I never even changed the hydro oil on any of them....6 60 inch Dixie choppers for the first 22 years and the last 6 years have been 2 60 inch exmark machines and one 36 inch gravely.

    Knock on wood, lol:hammerhead:
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    I am trying to get on a 4 year schedule to replace mowers. We've found (mostly on Toros and Exmarks) that after 4 years the hydros get weak and need replacement.

    This way I can also stay current on new mower technology.
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    How many hrs.

    Would shoot for at least 6k on the hydros if you running Walks/no sulky & not abusing on slopes. Have several Tracers hit that w/ just filter/oil changes

    Riders & Standers likely less
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    I've ran walkers for 30 years been real lucky have only ever replaced one set of hydros and it was on a used machine I bought
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