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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jake Wolf, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Jake Wolf

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    I put up a post on my website about the most overused advertising methods where I am in Northern New Jersey. I'm compiling a list of alternative advertising means to help people stand out from the competition.

    My favorite way to get free and effective advertising is through yahoo groups. There are plenty of local, active online communities on yahoo that once you join allow you to post almost anything related to the community. I'm part of one that allows business posting 3 times a year and I am guarunteed to get tens of thousands of dollars of business with every free post. That's not to mention brand recognition. The best groups are usually religious groups such as church or synagogues. Search around yahoo groups and start reducing your advertising budget now!
  2. topsites

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    Oh I agree, nothing works better than Yahoo, G! may have some groups as well but Y! also has a free business listing available (no website / url, just name / address / number) and I get a call here and there from that (nothing amazing, maybe 1-2 or 4-5 calls / year, I don't know, but I'm NOT complaining).

    Also don't forget, for $300 / year Yahoo will list your commercial Web site in the proper category (recommend drilling down towards your geographical location all the way to the county level under Home and Garden > Lawncare / landscaping or what have you... It's been some time, I don't recall the exact tree format but it's somewhere along those lines).

    I have an entertainment site listed on Yahoo and from my experience with that, I can assure you NOBODY on the Internet sends better / more traffic for the money than Yahoo, and I mean nobody else even comes close. Now it's not such great traffic that every visitor is a customer lol, it consists mostly of average folks like myself, but again there are no complaints.

    And from that experience I will be listing my own site as well, but keep this in mind:
    - Your site will be reviewed within 5-7 days and if approved, when it is listed it will also be listed in the 'New sites' category for one week! This 'free' extra week-long listing you only get once in the lifetime of said listing and will likely result in double the traffic, so I may advise to plan your submitting the site for review at a strategically proper time frame (such as spring, for example).

    Be advised since there exist no guarantees on approval, I would further advise you seriously consider going over or have someone go over your site completely before you submit to make 100% sure everything is proper (code errors fixed, etc, etc, etc), the site has to be in her absolute best shape for your chances of approval to be at their highest. Reading (and following) their submission guidelines would be helpful as well.
  3. topsites

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    And you are correct, alternate (i.e.: Not often used) advertising methods work as good if not better than the usual, thou I might advise approaching new methods of any kind first with an open mind, and second to start out with an experimental strategy, just in case.
  4. Josh.S

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    On the website about the most overused advertising methods, you said you were going to put a link about the best advertising methods, i dont see them on there so what are they?
  5. Jake Wolf

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    from NYC, NY
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    It's a little long, but the post is up. There's still plenty more coming.
  6. topsites

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    Hey I like your article, it speaks the truth. That was my experience with some advertising methods as well, is getting as many if not more telemarketing calls than actual customers...

    You know thou, there ought to be a law against that. Nothing frustrates me faster than someone using MY paid ad to try and sell me their crap, that stuff is right in line with them waltzing up to me on the side of the road with brochures about some enterprise, if nothing else it just reeks of scam....

    When that's not the case, the quality of the customer can be very poor. Although I have never gotten a large volume of poor quality calls (thank GOD), I have gotten, in addition to the above telemarketing bs, the rest were customers either at least 20 miles out of my area or it was just not work I did or they were looking for a lawn boy or anything else along those lines.

    As for me, I do find one of our local 'free' newspapers to be the best thing money can buy. Nothing to this day has proven better, dollar / customer, than this paper, neither flyers nor anything else.

    Word of mouth is ok, but the right paid advertising beats word of mouth 10 to 1.
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    Jake, would you be more specific as to what yahoo groups you joined and advertised through. I took a look and wasnt really sure where to start looking for groups to join and advertise on
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